Longevity clinics meet to accelerate healthspan extension

Next month sees the first International Roundtable of Longevity Clinics. Held in-person at The Buck Institute on  8th December, the Roundtable is set to review recent longevity research, discussing emerging diagnostics and interventions with a view to establishing gold standards for these practices.

Longevity.Technology: By convening some of the foremost experts in the field, the Roundtable hopes to not only facilitate discussions on defining standards, but identify effective diagnostics and agree on recommendations for longevity-focused interventions, supplements, and therapies.

The Roundtable will be packed with representatives of the top clinics, products, biomarkers, diagnostic and technology providers. With over one hundred in-person attendees, the guest list will feature:

  • Leaders of longevity clinics
  • The most recognised suppliers of products, tests and services
  • Clinics practising longevity medicine
  • Medical doctors interested in longevity medicine

The list of speakers is impressive, including David Sinclair, Joanna Bensz, Andrea Maier, Eric Verdin, Owen Phillips, Mark Hyman, Evelyne Bischof, Ryan Smith and David Karow.

As well as presentations from the clinics, other highlights include:

  • Human longevity: high vitality life extension using precision medicine – David Karow
  • The power of prevention – Kenneth Cooper
  • Future of longevity interventions – David Sinclair
  • Identifying transitions from wellness to disease along the aging spectrum – Mark Hyman
  • Biomarkers of biological aging and biological clocks: what do we actually measure? – Eric Verdin

Panel discussions include:

  • New trends in longevity diagnostics and biomarkers development
  • The gold standards for longevity diagnostics and interventions

Joanna Bensz, Founder and CEO, Longevity Center, is speaking at the Roundtable, as well as a member its advisory board. She recently told Longevity.Technology that the Roundtable is set to consider some vital issues.

Joanna Bensz, Founder and CEO, Longevity Center

She said: “It’s important to discuss what actually is a gold standard? What are the diagnostics we should all be using? How should we work with the concept of biological aging when there are so many ways to measure it? How can we introduce scientific concepts like biological aging to the consumer? This is something doctors are specifically requesting, and we can all benefit from these kinds of discussions.

“While there is no gold standard currently, there are tests that should become the standard. Some clinics that style themselves longevity clinics don’t actually do any medical tests before treatment. The Roundtable at The Buck should put us on the pathway to setting that standard, starting the discussion, and achieving standards for clinics that could be implemented anywhere in the world.”

Find out more about the First International Roundtable for Longevity Clinics HERE.