Longevity Clinics Roundtable publishes landmark white paper

New paper examines standards and best practices for longevity clinics, biomarkers and the future of longevity diagnostics and interventions.

The inaugural Longevity Clinics Roundtable, organized by the International Institute of Longevity and supported by the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, was a landmark event held in December 2023. This significant gathering brought together leading experts in healthy longevity medicine, including clinic representatives, medical professionals, solution providers, investors and aging research scientists. Now, the discussions from this event have been compiled into a comprehensive white paper, In search of best practices for Longevity Clinics, which offers an in-depth look at the state of the field, the challenges it faces and its future directions.

Longevity.Technology: This white paper has been published at a timely juncture; the pressing issue of the rapidly aging population, which, coupled with declining birth rates, is set to pose a global economic crisis within the next few decades. Current healthcare systems, rooted in outdated models of assured pensions and public healthcare, are ill-equipped to handle this demographic shift, and the paper rightly highlights the necessity of proactively developing new healthcare paradigms to prevent the strain on medical systems and economies caused by age-related chronic conditions. Healthy longevity medicine aims to address these issues by focusing on extending healthspan – years of life spent in good health – rather than merely prolonging lifespan.

A key theme of the roundtable and the resulting white paper is the role of longevity clinics in bridging the gap between theoretical longevity science and practical healthcare applications. These clinics translate research findings into diagnostic and intervention packages designed to optimize health and prevent diseases and they have the potential to extend healthspan successfully. But this rapidly-expanding field needs standards, regulation and trust, and the paper emphasizes the need for collaboration, best practices, guidelines and broader acceptance by medical authorities to ensure the field’s credibility and alignment with evidence-based medicine.

The white paper outlines foundational standards for defining longevity clinics, the current status of biological age biomarkers and strategies for gaining recognition from medical regulatory boards; it also provides insights into the future of longevity diagnostics and interventions. By fostering global collaboration and sharing innovative approaches, the roundtable aims to establish healthy longevity medicine as a credible and essential field, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for aging populations worldwide.

Read the white paper In search of best practices for Longevity Clinics below or download it HERE.


Joanna Bensz, Founder and CEO of Longevity Center, is on the Advisory Board of Longevity Clinics Roundtable; she told us that in the last couple of years, there has been enormous interest in the field of longevity, particularly in practical implementation solutions.

Joanna Bensz is on the Advisory Board of Longevity Clinics Roundtable

“We are seeing many more centers (both medical and wellness) opening worldwide, offering longevity services,” she said. “The fact is that, as clinic owners and managers, we do not have approved guidelines and protocols to follow. This situation presents both opportunities and tremendous risks for the industry as a whole.

“Many centers offering ‘longevity services’ have nothing to do with age science or longevity and could even be harmful to clients. Conversely, there are many clinics with years of good-quality medical practice in preventive, personalized, or performance medicine with proven results, which can serve as a foundation for creating best practices.

“Through Roundtables of Longevity Clinics,  International Institute of Longevity aims to bring together longevity clinics, solution providers, the scientific community, and regulators as a platform for joint collaboration and research. Our whitepaper seeks to summarize the insights from the Roundtable, offering an initial framework for defining the concept of a longevity clinic. We look forward to our next roundtable to advance the sector.”

Save the date! The next edition of the Longevity Clinics Roundtable will be at the Buck Institute in Novato, California, 6th–7th December 2024. Find out more information and book your ticket HERE – early bird offer until 30th June.