Longevity Forum: Investing in the age of Longevity

We’re on the verge of a lifespan revolution – it’s time to jump in.

The Longevity Forum is taking the lifespan to the masses next week with Longevity Week: The Age of Resilience. From 9-13 November, key Longevity stakeholders and opinion leaders will present ideas and engage in debates on a range of Longevity subjects, focusing on how the sector has been (and is being) shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic and how science, medicine and technology are responding.

Longevity.Technology: What happens next? Life expectancy is set to rise, with estimates putting it as reaching 110-120 years by 2050. The rapidly-growing Longevity industry will change the we live forever; how we age and and how (and when) we die. With great power comes great responsibility; how do we ensure equality of access; how do we pay for it? How do people with increased lifespans invest for their future?

Longevity.Technology’s Editor-in-Chief and founder of First Longevity, Phil Newman, will be chairing two exclusive online Masterclasses under the umbrella of Investing in the age of longevity.

Featuring two discussions – one on science and one on investment – Master Investor will be covering vital strategies to help build your Longevity investment portfolio on Tuesday 10 November, 16:00-17:30 GMT.

The Investor Panel will be investigating demonstrated Longevity growth, name-checking some hot areas for investment, seeing how Longevity-ready institutional investors are and looking forward over the coming year.

The Science Panel will benchmark current Longevity science, probe the progress of senolytic therapies, explore the grey areas between supplements and medicine and see which areas of the Longevity space get the investment nod from the world of science.

Longevity.Technology is delighted to be part of this event as well as new regular Longevity blog on Master Investor; do check out our podcast with Jim Mellon and Phil Newman – could Longevity be a half-trillion dollar industry in five years’ time?

Register for the Longevity Forum webinar and other great sessions here.