Longevity investment bulletin: FOXO, Dior, UKRI and more

The latest longevity updates from our investment news desk.

FOXO launches consumer longevity product

Epigenetic biomarkers company FOXO Technologies (NYSEAM: FOXO) announced the launch of the beta version of its consumer wellness product, the FOXO Longevity Report. The report combines state-of-the-art epigenetic biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and proprietary algorithms to produce longevity and wellness indicators developed from rich epigenetic datasets.

Using microarray technology to analyze saliva samples for epigenetic information, the FOXO report examines nearly one million sites across the epigenome. This expansive analysis yields a more accurate and user-friendly snapshot of an individual’s current health status compared to traditional genetic methods, such as whole genome sequencing.

“The launch of our direct-to-consumer Longevity Report represents the next stage in FOXO’s evolution and expands on our successes in the insurance market,” said Tyler Danielson, interim-CEO and Chief Technology Officer at FOXO. “We’re thrilled to provide a more direct and personalized product offering to help people live their best lives through cutting-edge technology. Our report provides individuals with valuable insight and actionable strategies to improve their health and wellness.”

Dior launches “reverse aging” initiative

Fashion giant The House of Dior has made a bold move into longevity science with the creation of its Reverse Aging Scientific Advisory Board (RASAB) dedicated to prolonging the health and beauty of skin.  The company made the announcement at the recent Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress (AMWC) in Monaco.

The board includes a host of leading longevity researchers, including the likes of Daisy Robinton, Vadim Gladyshev and Vittorio Sebastiano, who will collaborate with researchers from Dior. Referencing the Hallmarks of Aging, the Dior web site says that the board will work “not only on the visible consequences of skin aging, but also on its underlying causes, by targeting one or more of these aging hallmarks.”

“Dior is making a bold entry into an unprecedented and defining scientific adventure. Guided by the ambition to leave beauty as our only legacy, we are convinced that the alliance of beauty and health is the key to a positive relationship with the passing of time,” said Claudia Marcocci, Chief Brand Officer of Parfums Christian Dior.

UKRI funds 12 healthy aging projects

The UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) announced it has funded 12 new projects as part of its “Healthy Aging Challenge, the Scaling Social Ventures” competition. The organization provides up to £500,000 in funding for individual successful projects.

All projects are run by social entrepreneurs and tackle issues including:

  • The common concerns of aging, including impaired hearing, eyesight, mobility, and mental wellbeing.
  • Sustaining physical activity for over 50s.
  • Innovative models of care for independent living.

The projects are also included in the US National Academy of Medicine Healthy Longevity Global Competition, and are also eligible for the accelerator phase of this global competition, including a $5 million grand prize.

“The funding is designed to help extend the benefits of aging healthily to areas where people have the most to gain from improvements in healthy life expectancy,” said George MacGinnis, Healthy Aging Challenge director at UKRI. “The projects address a broad range of issues and have a key role to play in reducing the pressures on the NHS and social care through movements such as social prescribing.”

Turn Bio founder presents at Foresight event

The founder of cell rejuvenation company Turn Biotechnologies presented at the Foresight Institute’s Longevity Frontiers Workshop this week. Vittorio Sebastiano, co-founder of the company, which develops novel mRNA medicines for untreatable, age-related conditions, gave a presentation entitled “Epigenetic Reprogramming: The Path Ahead”.

The Foresight Institute’s mission is to gather leading minds to advance research and accelerate progress and includes longevity research among its areas of focus. This week’s conference features leading experts in the world of human longevity science and is attended by leading researchers, entrepreneurs, and investors to drive exposure and progress in the field.