Longevity investment bulletin: Longeveron, EVERMIND, Longevity Labs and more

The latest longevity updates from our investment news desk.  

Longeveron appoints new CEO

Regenerative medicine company Longeveron (NASDAQ: LGVN) announced the appointment of Wa’el Hashad as CEO. Hashad has vast experience leading drug development from Phase 1 to US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval, working for both Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies and early stage biotechnology companies. Interim CEO Chris Min will continue in his role as Chief Medical Officer.

“The Board and I are delighted to welcome Mr Hashad to Longeveron to lead the company through its next stage of growth,” said Longeveron co-founder and Chairman Joshua M Hare. “Mr Hashad is an exceptional industry leader with deep operational and strategic expertise reaching across therapeutic areas. His leadership and commitment to developing new therapeutic strategies will be invaluable to Longeveron as we continue to execute on key milestones across our three clinical programs, including our Phase 2 trials for Alzheimer’s Disease, Aging-Related Frailty, and hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a rare pediatric disease in neonates.”

Athersys granted cryogenic storage patent

Cell therapy and regenerative medicine company Athersys (NASDAQ: ATHX) announced it has been granted a US patent for its Secure Integrated Freezer Unit (SIFU), a novel cryogenic storage system. SIFU is a unique, user-friendly cryogenic storage device designed for the hospital setting and requires no liquid nitrogen. It simplifies the cryogenic logistics process, providing 24/7 access to therapies in a limited footprint and with controlled access.

“This is the first patent of its kind for Athersys,” stated Maia Hansen, COO of Athersys. “This patent is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team over several years and protects the innovative technology we’ve developed to improve storage and handling of cryogenic products in the life sciences.”

KEGS to invest in EVERMIND

Cognitive health food and drinks company EVERMIND has signed a Memorandum of Understanding for investment with 1812 Brewing Company (also known as KEGS). The funding will enable EVERMIND to commence production and marketing of its novel natural-source, plant-based, science-supported functional food and beverage products for cognitive health. EVERMIND has raised $1.5 million in capital to date at a $4m pre-money valuation.

“I was extremely impressed by EVERMIND’s total market opportunity, capital raising success, dedicated and talented management team, delicious products, and sophisticated go-to-market strategy,” said Thomas Scozzafava, CEO of KEGS. “The intelligent way they intend to capitalize on the emerging cognitive health, and fast-growing plant-based and functional beverage trends is exciting. I am looking forward to the opportunity to help the company further its growth, as well as potentially collaborate on good-for-you products that will build value within a portfolio of KEGS’ beverages that diversify into the low/no-alcohol space.”

Longevity Labs signs MMA deal

Longevity supplements company Longevity Labs has partnered with MMA Bantamweight Champion Miesha Tate to promote and advance micronutrient solutions for performance and longevity.

“Performing at the highest level inside and outside of the octagon has led me down a long road of learning about how nutrients play a role in our everyday cellular processes,” said Tate. “I’m excited to be partnering with a company that is education-forward and bringing new solutions to the market.”

“Our body is only the collective health of our cells,” said Daniel Dietz, CEO of Longevity Labs. “Our cells require the proper nutrients to function at the highest level, especially as we age. In partnering with Miesha Tate, we can now further share the knowledge about how autophagy and nervous system flexibility help counter dangerous inflammation and other metabolic processes that enhance health and wellness inside and out. We view this as a fantastic mission-based partnership to drive wellness results for all.”

DEA clears MYMD compound

Clinical stage biopharma MyMD Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: MYMD) announced that the US DEA has conducted a scientific review and determined that its investigational cannabinoid Supera-CBD is not currently considered a controlled substance or listed chemical.

“This decision by the DEA is tremendous news for Supera-CBD and we are very pleased that our product candidate will not require DEA scheduling during development,” said Christopher Chapman, CMO at MyMD Pharmaceuticals. “We look forward to studying Supera-CBD’s potential to improve upon the benefits of CBD while retaining its safety and tolerability without intoxicating effects.”

Mental health is integral to longevity

And finally, don’t miss this piece by Sergey Jakimov, CEO of Swiss investment group LongeVC, who tells us why it’s time for VCs to get excited about backing startups delivering cutting-edge solutions for mental healthcare.

The longevity field has a responsibility to promote mental health,” says Jakimov. “It’s not enough for us to say, ‘mental health matters.’ We must end stigma and include mental health in all discussions on lifespan and healthspan. I want to see more longevity investors and KOLs talking about this and putting their money where their mouth is by supporting promising ideas in the field.”

Photograph: ShintarTatsiana/Envato