Longevity senotherapeutics report: Rubedo Life Sciences

A unique synergy of proprietary technologies and expertise is advancing compounds from discovery to preclinical efficacy.

Over the coming weeks, we will be bringing you extracts from 7 company profiles from our Longevity Senotherapeutics Report. Each profile includes an assessment of Longevity Potential, Pre-Clinical and Clinical Studies, Technology/platform analysis, Safety and Risks, Target Market and Success Factors.

We also study each company’s IP, team, UVP, product efficacy, competitive advantage, runway and inflection point, and much more. Here’s the lowdown on Rubedo.

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Rubedo Life Sciences is a biopharmaceutical company that prides itself on developing customised therapeutics to treat age-related diseases and extend health-span. Its investigational compounds are small molecule therapeutics that are selectively activated inside specific cell types, such as senescent cells. The company’s multi-disciplinary team includes leading scientists and experts in aging, regenerative medicine, drug discovery and chemistry combined with bio-informatics engineers from academia, life sciences and computer science.

The company’s mission is to deliver safe, highly effective targeted therapeutics to treat age-related diseases in patients suffering from chronic degenerative diseases with multiple co-morbidities. Rubedo believes each of its team members adds unique expertise and incredible passion towards its exciting mission. By connecting leaders in multiple fields, Rubedo hopes to solve unmet issues of drug toxicity and selectivity for untreatable age-related diseases.

The research conducted by Rubedo is powered by ALEMBIC™, a proprietary Bio&Chemo informatics platform that enables the proprietary synthetic and medicinal chemistry pipeline discovery. ALEMBIC™ can identify novel targets and unique cellular metabolic signatures to enable Rubedo’s proprietary chemistry. The novel composition of matter is based on engineered small molecules that are selectively activated in target cells.

Rubedo’s unique synergy of proprietary technologies and expertise can quickly advance compounds from discovery to preclinical efficacy in vitro and in vivo, enabling strategic partnerships and an internal clinical pipeline. The team at Rubedo already has several senolytic lead compounds in preclinical optimisation for indications in fibrosis and oncology.

These novel lead senolytic compounds were generated in less than two years, demonstrating efficacy both in vitro and in vivo. Going forward, Rubedo aims to complete lead optimisation to select a clinical candidate for IND-enabling studies ahead of clinical stage evaluation of its first program in lung fibrosis, targeting Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF). Following this program, Rubedo aspires to file a second IND for indications in the oncology space. The company is considering out-licensing options once compounds reach the clinical development stage.

It is also considering strategic partnerships for new indications, involving novel composition of matter, beyond senolytics.


Rubedo has developed a novel class of senolytic targeted small molecules, including prodrugs, designed to be selectively activated in specific senescent cells to induce their clearance from tissues while protecting other cell types. These molecules involve multi-step activation, taking advantage of novel druggable targets and of characteristic senescent cell functions discovered through ALEMBIC™, enabling its proprietary medicinal chemistry. Those prodrugs solve three problems: 1) selectivity – activating only in the rare pathological cells but sparing the other healthy cells; 2) tolerability, protecting elderly individuals from side-effects caused by off-targets; 3) efficacy, generating potent active compounds acting on the selected targets.

Rubedo prodrugs can be developed from novel molecules and also existing approved drugs resulting in novel composition of matter with superior or novel selectivity and safety, with intellectual property fully owned by Rubedo.

Rubedo’s intellectual property has entered the national phase in Canada, China, Europe, Israel, India, Japan, Korea, Mexico and Singapore via International Publication as of 2/11/21. Molecules are currently in lead optimisation ahead of IND-enabling studies. Rubedo’s first US patent was granted on the 8th of June, 2021.

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Images courtesy of Rubedo Life Sciences