‘Longevity should not be revolution – it should be evolution’

Longevity Center’s Robert Jarema on how taking a comprehensive approach to healthspan can pay longevity dividends and why even small changes can make a big difference.

Recently, our CEO Phil Newman undertook his first health assessment at Warsaw’s Longevity Center. The comprehensive assessment took approximately 5 hours, involved over 20 different tests, including a blood test analyzing more than 50 different biomarkers.

Longevity.Technology: Longevity Center is all about prevention, detecting any potential risk factors and health dispositions so that targeted interventions can be made and made early. Using a suite of highly precise tools and tests, they detect the key risk factors for serious diseases and recommend interventions for maximizing healthspan.

But what does the patient journey at a longevity clinic really look like? Our intrepid CEO, armed with a full body stocking, finds out, as Longevity Center Medical Director of Male Health and Performance, Dr Robert Jarema, put his longevity through its paces.

Robert Jarema on…

Comprehensive testing

In the comprehensive tests we perform, we are looking for different biological ages, including metabolic age, blood age, cardiovascular age, pulmonary age and cognitive age. We also perform DNA tests, which are very important as a baseline, and analyze mitochondrial activity, gauging which percentage of mitochondria are active, key to understanding how much energy a person is producing. A very important part of the process is the client’s self-assessment of their lifestyle and we ensure sufficient time is given to a review of their medical history.

After approximately 4 weeks of analysis, we prepare a personalized report, connecting the dots of health, with all our experts feeding in their opinions and recommendations. The report shows where exactly the client is today, what their optimal health looks like and what to do to improve their health, working towards that optimal level.

Longevity consists of three main pillars: physical health, psychological health and emotional health. At the Longevity Center, we take care of all three as all three pillars are important to us.

One size doesn’t fit all

There are three kinds of clients who visit the Longevity Center. We have people who are already very healthy, and for those, we prepare a special program to sustain this health for years. It’s a lifelong program on a rolling twelve month basis.

We also see clients who are healthy but want to do even more; these people receive a bespoke training program to prepare them for marathons, or whatever they want to achieve.

The third group is clients who are not as well as they could be; for these people, we design a special program to improve their health. The program runs for approximately six months, and during this time, we take care of their diet, look at their physical activity, emotional health, &c, and use wearables to help improve their health and their lifestyle.

Pause for thought

I have a background in urology and andrology and spent 21 years as a surgeon, but I realised that many of the patients I was operating on, I was seeing too late, and I should do something to prevent their coming in the first place. Intervention is important, of course, but what is more important is teaching people how to behave to avoid major health problems.

But it is harder to achieve prevention in men, who often go to the doctor first when they are already sick – we don’t make the most cooperative patients! But awareness is growing, as is awareness of topics such as testosterone decline and andropause, which motivate men to take action. We are seeing an increasing number men coming to the clinic, including those in their early 30s, which is very important from a preventive point of view.

Now is the time for evolution

If you make small changes during your Longevity Center program, we can show you how you can feel at your best, and you will think about your health in a different way. Longevity focused medicine should not be revolution, it should be evolution – small, evolutionary changes that can make a big difference.

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