Longevity start-up NOVOS closes $3.15m financing round

Successful round for NOVOS sees longevity supplement company raise $3.15 million pre-seed to further its aim to extend healthy human lifespan with science-based supplements.

NOVOS, a company developing solutions for healthy aging and longevity, announced today the close of $3.15 million in pre-seed financing – apt timing for International Longevity Day! The 300% oversubscribed round was led by Resolute Ventures with support from Arkitekt Ventures, Longevitytech.fund, Awesome People Ventures and 20 institutional investors and entrepreneurs.

Longevity.Technology: New York-based NOVOS is a longevity platform offering science-based nutraceuticals, at-home tests and education to help people to improve their healthspans and lifespans. NOVOS closed its pre-seed round of $3.15 million in August 2021. The round was led by Mike Hirshland, Partner of Resolute Ventures. Hirshland has invested in dozens of successful companies, including Automattic (WordPress) and Bark, which IPO’d this year. He founded Dogpatch Labs, from which Instagram was launched.

It’s been a busy time for NOVOS who closed a friends-and-family round in late 2019, launched in October 2020 and hit the ground running, launching NOVOS Core and NOVOS Boost just a few months later. NOVOS Core is a novel longevity nutraceutical, containing 12 ingredients which are designed to target multiple hallmarks of aging, and which the NOVOS team believe work synergistically together to target healthspan and aging.

“The NOVOS founders are both driven by a mission to extend humanity’s healthspan. They bring a special combination of entrepreneurial strength and technical rigor. We are thrilled to welcome them to the Resolute family,” said Hirshland.

This round of funding will support the company’s rapid growth, power clinical research and propel the development of a leading longevity-focused platform during this pivotal time when the longevity market as a whole is experiencing a great deal of momentum globally.

NOVOS has enlisted an A list of longevity scientists and researchers with the aim of producing the most comprehensive, scientifically superior and evidence-based supplements on the market for those interested in longevity and optimal health, and counts George Church, João Pedro de Magalhães and Matt Kaeberlein among its scientific advisors.

“With this round of funding, we can work toward achieving our vision of being the world’s leading science-backed nutraceuticals brand by investing in longevity research that will have the most substantial impact on human health span and lifespan that we have seen in our lifetime,” said Chris Mirabile, founder and CEO of NOVOS.

Aging Mechanism Cellular Senescene
Aging Mechanism Cellular Senescene. Source: NOVOS

The longevity market currently has an estimated value of $25 trillion. As longevity is at the forefront of medicine and technology, it is considered to be the future of healthcare by some of the most highly-renowned scientists and technology leaders industry-wide.

Given the significant momentum of the longevity industry, it’s wonderful to see the number of notable entrepreneurs and investors migrating to this sector and choosing to invest in companies like NOVOS. As scientific discoveries continue, this growth will continue to accelerate dramatically.

“Slowing aging and improving healthspan are not only major societal challenges but of great interest to most consumers. NOVOS is addressing these with a science-first approach and we are happy to be early backers of this multi-talented team!” said Dr Enke Bashllari, Managing Director, Arkitekt Ventures. 

More than 20 successful investors and entrepreneurs participated in the round, including:

  • Renaud Visage, co-founder of EventBrite
  • Matthew Cooper, chairman of Octopus Group, which invested £10 billion into innovative businesses that help to change the world
  • Lars Hinrichs, founder of XING and early investor in Facebook
  • Jerome Ternynck, founder and CEO of unicorn tech start-up, SmartRecruiters
  • Florian Gschwandtner, founder of Runtastic, acquired by Adidas for €220 million
  • Kağan Sümer and Ugur Samut, co-founders of Gorillas, Europe’s fastest growing unicorn start-up
  • Robin Haak, General Partner at Revaia.

The NOVOS strategy is to leverage a scientific approach to help consumers navigate the complex market of health and wellness supplements in order to extend lifespan and health span by combating cellular aging.

“In the past 10 years we’ve learned more about aging than in the 1,000 years prior. We are seeing outstanding progress in improving human health and slowing down aging via new technologies. NOVOS will continue to be at the forefront of these revolutions, and our platform a go-to source for those who aspire to live a long and healthy life,” said Kris Verburgh, MD, cofounder and Chief Scientific Officer of NOVOS.

Images courtesy of NOVOS