Longevity startup Avea closes CHF 2.5 million in first financing round

The Swiss-based company aims to extend human healthspan with science-based high quality supplements.

AVEA, the longevity supplement startup with the aim to improve healthspan, announces the closing of a 2.5 million CHF seed financing round led by Maximon, a longevity company builder and its longevity co-investment fund. The deal was made public in Davos during this year’s World Economic Forum where Maximon hosted an event for investors in the field of longevity.

Longevity.Technology: The appetite for supplements shows no sign of slowing, and Avea are hoping to contribute to the market with a research-backed supplement that supports people’s health and longevity goals, providing effective healthy aging and rejuvenation solutions to help people feel energised and youthful for as long as possible. In a nutshell, as Avea puts it, to keep enjoying life without feeling limited by age.

Dr Tobias Reichmuth, serial entrepreneur and founding partner of Maximon, said: “The global longevity market is worth $8 trillion. The longevity field is the future of healthcare and we believe AVEA will play an important role in the industry.”

“As we are seeking to build and launch longevity companies with Maximon, Avea was a clear case for us to invest in,” added Caroline Wagner, chairwoman of the Board of Avea and founding partner of Maximon. “We are at an inflection point where people not only look at supplements to boost health and vitamin levels, but start to actively invest in a longer healthy lifespan. This is the opportunity that Avea is well positioned to capture and we are excited to be part of this story.”

Avea plans to use this funding to support its rapid growth across Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the UK; the company also wants do engage in additional scientific research, and hopes that by propelling the development of innovative longevity-focused supplements, its brand will be established as a leader in Europe.

After a year of research, Avea launched its first products in February 2022. The first formulation aims to provide a synergistic blend of ingredients that reflects the latest research in ageing and healthspan. Avea has enlisted award-winning scientists and researchers in the field of longevity to produce a supplement line, the quality and scientific backing of which, it hopes, will secure a place on the European market, purchased by those who wish to optimise their long-term health as well as slow and even reverse some of the signs of aging.

“Long-term health is an investment, not an expense,” says Co-founder and scientist Sophie Chabloz. “Next to a balanced diet, regular exercise, hot and cold therapy and quality sleep, a longevity supplement regimen is essential to support and optimize the healthy ageing process.”

Avea’s strategy is to leverage a science-based approach to help customers make sense of the overwhelming health and wellness supplement market. The main idea behind Avea’s products is to focus on ingredients that act in synergy to slow aging at the cellular level, because, as the company says, when your cells work better, your whole body works better.

Avea has been named by Sifted one of 13 longevity startups to watch according to top investors [1], and we look forward to seeing how they settle into a rapidly-expanding marketplace.

[1] https://sifted.eu/articles/13-longevity-startups-investors/