Longevity supplements report: Vitalic

Currently in stealth, Vitalic is on a mission to transition longevity from the early adopters on to a mass market through best-in-class marketing.

Over the last few weeks, we have brought you extracts of company profiles from our Longevity Supplements Report. Each profile includes an assessment of Pre-Clinical and Clinical Studies, Safety and Risks, Target Market and Success Factors and the target Hallmark(s) of Aging for one of their key products.

We also study each company’s IP, team, UVP, product efficacy, competitive advantage, runway and inflection point, and much more. Here’s the lowdown on our last featured company, Vitalic.

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Longevity Supplements 1.0 Vitalic Summary

Here at Longevity.Technology, we like to keep our eye on the best up and coming segments in the market. As such we have included a glimpse of Vitalic, who are currently on a mission to transition longevity from the early adopters on to a mass market through best-in-class marketing.

To make this mission a reality, Vitalic are working closely with prestigious research institutions who have 40 years plus in the industry and conducted clinical studies on specific ingredients used in their products.

“But the battle to win public understanding and approval lies not solely in the lab but in how to communicate the scientific potential with integrity and deep understanding of the broader market. Vitalic is not here to sell pills. We’re here to build thought leadership around market segments, channels to use, what to say and when to listen.”

With a background in strategy consulting and working with tech unicorns, Vitalic start with the aim of fundamentally increasing healthspan through the best methods science has to offer. They believe that the longevity industry is still in its infancy, and they have identified a major gap in how companies communicate and market scientific findings and products to the larger public.

Vitalic are here to fill that gap.

Vitalic do not simply add advisors as another white coat for their web page but actively engage with the most prominent researchers in the field to assess the effectiveness and safety of compounds as well as interventions. They state that this is being done through dedicated partnerships with researchers in both Europe and US, having significant longevity research experience behind them.

They use these partnerships to assess the overall solution space as well as specific compounds used in their own product range. As Vitalic are currently in stealth mode, the details of these products will remain confidential until launch later in Q2 2021.
Manufacturing details also remain confidential, however, to introduce longevity to broader market segments, Vitalic assure us they have secured necessary production capabilities globally.

“Naturally, reaching a market leading quality through several aspects will always be a top priority. In addition, we keep operations agile enough to introduce changes to compounds and interventions as science progresses.”

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