Longevity supplements report: Youth & Earth profile

Youth & Earth is keeping it natural, while slowing down aging.

Over the coming weeks, we will be bringing you extracts of 11 company profiles from our Longevity Supplements Report. Each profile includes an assessment of Pre-Clinical and Clinical Studies, Safety and Risks, Target Market and Success Factors and the target Hallmark(s) of Aging for one of their key products.

We also study each of the companies’ IP, team, UVP, product efficacy, competitive advantage, runway and inflection point, and much more. Here’s the lowdown on Youth & Earth.

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Longevity Supplements 1.0 Youth & Earth Summary

Youth & Earth provides all-natural plant-based anti-aging supplements, which combine cutting-edge scientific know-how with age-old wisdom. With this combination, Youth & Earth’s main objective is to provide evidence-based supplements that slow down aging at a cellular level and target the lifelong accumulation of molecular and cellular damage.

Youth & Earth aim to create supplements that essentially “top up” the molecules that deplete as we age, to help make bodies operate and feel like well-oiled machines again.

With the progression of science in recent years, Youth & Earth believe that maintaining our peak physical health is more achievable now than ever. However, there is a caveat: Youth & Earth consider many supplements on the market to be ineffective due to low oral bioavailability. To combat this, Youth & Earth have focused their efforts on producing high-quality raw materials and delivery mechanisms that will ensure the maximum absorption of the nutrient.

Youth & Earth was started by British entrepreneur Ed van Harmelen. Van Harmelen has lived in nine countries and travelled extensively in a further 85, becoming fascinated by traditional approaches to aging. He started researching a wide range of remedies from Ayurveda to traditional Chinese and Japanese medicines back in the early 2000s.

Youth & Earth

Several years ago, van Harmelen became physically run down and it started to affect his career. He realised that he needed to take charge of his health and took an at-home blood test kit. He was shocked at the results and started to focus on ‘bio-hacking’ his health and actively monitoring his improvement.

He came across the principle of longevity pathways back in 2017 and has since carried on researching into related topics such as the Hallmarks of Aging and supplements that address the factors that influence the decline that traditionally comes with growing older.

He realised that there was a gap in the UK and European market for supplements that address aging at a cellular level and that’s how Youth & Earth was born.

“If people want to look at ageing as a disease then we have the cure,” says van Harmelen. “The science – and art – of anti-aging is a lot like playing a piano. To create a uniquely beautiful melody, you would not play just one key. You would include a wide range of notes.

In the same way, when altering your lifestyle to target ageing and creating an anti-aging regime, it’s important to target lots of different areas at once so you’re fighting more than just one Hallmark of Aging at a time.”

Youth & Earth stocks an extensive range of products to target the hallmarks of aging. This includes NAD+ boosters, such as powdered NMN and NR, to tackle genomic instability, liposomal fisetin and quercetin to tackle cellular senescence, liposomal glutathione to maintain stem cell function and high-quality krill oil to reduce inflammation caused by deregulated cellular communication.

Two of their products are proprietary blends of key polyphenols and flavonoids that have been suggested to regulate epigenome and deregulated nutrient sensing. Preservage contains resveratrol, curcumin and quercetin and Releaf is made up of berberine, silymarin and PQQ. Youth & Earth is now one of the largest suppliers of NMN in the UK & Europe.

Their extensive range of liposomal products was produced to support the bioavailability of the carefully selected ingredients and Ed believes that this method is “the next best thing to IV therapy”.

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