Longevity.Technology announces entry into Asia Pacific markets

As longevity goes global, so do we – next stop, Hong Kong China!

The Asia Pac longevity market continues to grow as demonstrated by the packed longevity track on Day 1 at BIO Hong Kong 2023. Speaking from the stage, our CEO, Phil Newman, announced plans that the Longevity.Technology media, investment and consumer education brand will be entering Hong Kong China (and wider Asia Pacific) markets over the coming months.

Longevity.Technology: BIOHK2023 is one of Asia’s largest international biotech conventions where policymakers, industry, academia, research, and investment representatives convene around biotechnology. As a city with a rich history in industrial development and innovation, Hong Kong is often referred to as ‘Asia’s World City’ for a reason.

From Longevity.Technology’s debut on the internet in September 2019, the longevity field has seen much progress and many challenges; 2023 has not been a good year for equity investment, and the Hong Kong China market, and wider Asia Pacific markets, are not as progressed in longevity biotech and the long-term funding that it requires. However, these regions are populated by a citizenship that has long and healthy life embedded in its DNA.

Dr Christine Huang opens the longevity Day 1 Session at BIOHK2023

Dr Christine Huang, Technology Transfer Director, Hong Kong Quantum AI Lab and Founder, HK Longevity Medical Centre, told us: “The whole Asia Pacific market is ready to learn more about longevity science, investment, company creation, clinical services, and consumer products. We are excited to see Longevity.Technology commit to this market and look forward to working with Phil and his team.”

Dr Huang, who also recently cofounded Rise Longevity, was the powerhouse behind the longevity track at BIOHK2023; this saw big hitters such as GSK’s Chairman, Sir Jonathan Symonds, detail how he sees Hong Kong China as a perfect population demographic to expand the company’s research into preventative longevity therapeutics and Nobel Laureate and C-founder of LongevityX, Professor Bruce Beutler, share his research work in developing gene therapies for longevity.

Longevity.Technology announces entry into Asian Pacific
Nobel Laureate and C-founder of LongevityX, Professor Bruce Beutler, presents at BIOHK2023

“I’m keen to apply the lessons we learned in the early days of Longevity.Technology to fast-track the development of our operations in Asia Pacific markets,” says Newman. “There is untapped capital and untapped demand for biotech and non-biotech longevity in this market and we want to capitalize on the opportunity to everyone’s benefit.”

Newman also teased that Longevity.Technology is planning an event focused on exploring and growing the longevity space in Asia.

“We know the appetite is there,” he said. “As longevity accelerates, it’s vital all the innovators, investors, pharma companies and clinics are included.”

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