Longevity: This time it’s personal

NOVOS CEO and Founder Chris Mirabile on why ‘Younger For Longer’ is more than just a strapline.

NOVOS puts geroscience at the heart of its products; NOVOS Core is a patent-pending powdered formula containing 12 active longevity ingredients that target the hallmarks of aging. For customers that want a little additional pep in their longevity step, the company also offers NOVOS Boost, a capsule supplement containing high-purity microcrystalline nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), which harnesses the power of NAD+ to boost energy, metabolism and DNA repair.

And NOVOS puts its money where its mouth is – NOVOS Age is a powerful biological age test kit that allows customers to track how their lifestyle impacts their aging and discover if they are actually moving the needle on their longevity.

Longevity.Technology: With four years of testing and formulating behind them, NOVOS is confident its products can slow down the pace of aging by targeting its root causes. The message is amplified with a comprehensive website that aims to educate and inform about healthy lifestyle choices for longevity and NOVOS Age includes a cutting-edge third-generation test that measures the pace of epigenetic aging, biological age and telomere length. We sat down with Founder and CEO Chris Mirabile to talk biological age reversal – staying Younger For Longer – and how you don’t have to be superhuman to achieve it.

Chris Mirabile on…

A personal longevity journey

When I was a teenager, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It came as a huge shock to me and my family but, fortunately, I have lived to tell the story! You might think that after having that much physiological and emotional trauma would accelerate aging, as some studies have found, but my results from epigenetic testing and physiological age markers are quite good. I’ve had my epigenetic tests run at the same lab as Bryan Johnson’s, and DunedinPACE rate of aging shows that mine is 0.69, which implies 31% slower aging. And taking the average of ten different epigenetic clock outputs, that comes out as 13.5 years younger than my chronological age; that would imply that I’m aging about 36% slower than average.

The question is: what am I doing? I didn’t expect results as good as I got – I’ve always been healthy, but I wasn’t expecting that! I’ve always been healthy, and have been quite disciplined for a long time in terms of my diet, exercise routines, sleep and stress management, and although a lot of people want to hear about things people could do like hormonal therapies, blood transfers and so on, for me, it’s simpler than that, things that only cost me a couple of hundred dollars a month, and things that are accessible to practically everyone. When it comes to diet, I try to follow a strict diet during the week, although I probably stray a couple of times on the weekend! I use the NOVOS Mediterranean diet, and there are more details on that on our website.

We could be heroes…

I’ve been taking NOVOS Core and Boost since they were in the R&D phase – that’s about three years, now, and that’s one of the more distinct things I’m doing compared with what other longevity enthusiasts and advocates might be doing. Some of our customers have achieved results that are greater than Bryan Johnson’s when it comes to measuring biological age vs chronological age, and some have elected to be on Johnson’s Rejuvenation Olympics Leaderboard.

It’s something that’s achievable – I’m no superhuman. We have customers who are only changing a few things – NOVOS Core and Boost – and achieving these results.

When it comes to longevity, the most important factors are: avoiding disease, so increasing healthspan; living as long as possible, so increasing your lifespan; and having the physiological and cognitive capabilities of someone who is younger. That’s what biological age tests can show you – but not all tests are created equal, so go for third-generation tests that are scientifically validated and that are precise and accurate.

Backed by science

Overall, we have more than 400 scientific studies supporting the ingredients in our formulation. We have filed patents for our formulation, as well as other combinations of ingredients that we may well one day decide to experiment with as well. We’re doing a number of scientific tests, both in vitro and in vivo, including looking at cellular senescence, inflammation, and various forms of DNA damage. Although we haven’t published yet, we are seeing some really significant, positive results in the tests, including comparing favorably with rapamycin – bear in mind that NOVOS is all-natural, available over the counter and addresses all the 12 hallmarks of aging, which rapamycin doesn’t.