Longevity Week 2021: linking longevity and sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of the discussion as Longevity Week begins early at COP26.

Centred around the theme of “sustainability in a decade of healthy aging,” the annual Longevity Week takes place next week in London and beyond. This year, its flagship event, The Longevity Forum, takes place a week early, running tomorrow in Glasgow as the COP26 climate summit continues to draw the eyes of the world to Scotland.

Tomorrow’s Longevity Forum features three panel sessions focusing on key elements of sustainable longevity, including the need for an agricultural revolution and societal change, as well as a discussion around the pressures placed on sustainability by population growth.

The event will also recognise the eminent British scientist, environmentalist and futurist James Lovelock as its “longevity person of the year.”

It all begins at 11:30am GMT on Tuesday 9 November, and you can follow proceedings on the YouTube livestream.

Longevity.Technology: Beyond the Longevity Forum, more and more events join Longevity Week every year, and this year’s programme boasts a compelling mix of in-person and online events. Over the coming days, we’ll bring you perspective from some of the key players. But, for now, here’s a quick day-by-day overview on what you can experience during Longevity Week 2021.

Monday 15 November

Longevity Week proper begins with UK Research and Innovation’s free two-day online event Healthy Aging 2021. The sessions bring together thought leaders, innovators, academics and policy makers, focused on the three key themes of inspiration, innovation and impact. The goal of the event is to “inspire new ideas, innovation and valuable connections that create both short-term impact and long-term societal changes to support an ever-ageing population and economic growth.”

Tuesday 16 November

In addition to Day 2 of Healthy Aging 2021, next Tuesday also sees the return of Longevity Week’s exclusive Science Summit, hosted at Oxford’s Oriel College. The invitation-only event bring together leading experts in the field of longevity research to discuss their most recent findings with fellow researchers, investors and entrepreneurs working in the field.

Wednesday 17 November

Investing in the Age of Longevity – a one-day masterclass
Wednesday at Longevity Week means its time for the exciting Investing in the Age of Longevity event, hosted by Master Investor and the American Federation of Aging Research (AFAR). Check out our profile of the event and take advantage of our 20% discount! Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Professor Janet Lord, one of the speakers at this event.

Wednesday’s programme also includes a webinar on Social Entrepreneurship, Longevity and the Environment, hosted by Encore Fellows, which brings together social entrepreneurs, whose products, services and programmes contribute to healthy and sustainable longevity.

New this year, a two-day online event called The Longevity Summit 2021 starts on Wednesday, and pulls together top longevity entrepreneurs, pharma and biotech companies, longevity investors, researchers, and government organizations from across the world, as they seek to tackle the problem of aging.

Thursday 18 November

In addition to Day 2 of The Longevity Summit, Thursday’s programme includes Collider Health’s Healthy Longevity and Healthy Growth event, which will present an update on the levelling up health programme of the APPG for Longevity, and launch the APPG’s Open Life Data Framework to drive innovation in healthy longevity.

And Thursday will also see a launch event for the British Society of Gerontology’s special interest group: Aging, Business & Society. Its mission is to facilitate engagement between the gerontology and business communities to help older people live independently and be able to do the things that give their life meaning.

Friday 19 November

Richard Siow: Director of Ageing Research, KCL
Richard Siow: Director of Ageing Research, KCL

The final event of Longevity Week is all about the ARK’s Innovations in Consumer Longevity Data: a Global Perspective event, which will cover strategic initiatives, academic research and longevity innovation projects that leverage the potential of consumer data and next-generation technologies to deliver on the objectives of the “Decade of Healthy Aging” and the global longevity ecosystem. Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with ARK director Richard Siow.

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