Longevity Week aims to establish Berlin as leading ecosystem for longevity and healthy aging

Longevity Week is set to take place in the German capital for the first time in a move that will grow Berlin’s event landscape.

Berlin is set to play host to Longevity Week for the first time. Kicking off with an opening event on 6th May at the Langenbeck-Virchow-Haus in Berlin Mitte near the Charité hospital, the week will see a total of 15 events happening in the city, throughout Longevity Week, which runs from the 6th to the 12th May 2024.

Speakers include, among others, Professor Eric Verdin, CEO of renowned Buck Institute, Michael Greve from Kizoo Technology Capital and Dr Ina Czyborram, Senator for Science, Health and Care of the State of Berlin.

Longevity. Technology: Longevity Week is organised by a consortium of founders, doctors and longevity experts and aims to broaden public understanding of the longevity trend and its potentials, as well as helping to establish Berlin as the capital of longevity in the medium term. The organizers are hoping that Longevity Week Berlin will sets new standards as a pioneering format that unites the different areas of the growing global trend, creating an open platform that provides information in the areas of nutrition and lifestyle, research and medicine and technology, as well as taking the dialogue between stakeholders from society, business and politics to a new level. In a nutshell, Longevity Week has set its sights on becoming the leading platform for the longevity scene.

Longevity Week is the result of an initiative by doctor and entrepreneur Guido Axmann, healthtech investor Joachim Rautter (Peppermint Venture Partners) and the founder of cryogenics start-up Tomorrow Biosis, Dr Emil Kendziorra. Other initiators include the physician and entrepreneur Dr Andrea Gartenbach, Christina Hanck, founder of everlabs, as
well as investor Judith Müller.

“Berlin has the potential to become a pioneering city and an important centre for longevity worldwide,” says Guido Axmann, initiator of Longevity Week Berlin. “The city has one of the best medical facilities in the world and is characterised by an ecosystem that promotes and generates innovation. It is therefore time to create a specific theme week that not only facilitates an intensive dialogue between the players and covers a wide range of topics, but also looks beyond national borders.”

Christina Hanck, co-initiator, adds: “Although humanity is getting older and older, more and more of us are struggling with chronic diseases in old age. With this event, we want to show that the pursuit of a healthy and longer life is not exclusive and merely an expensive hobby of tech billionaires from Silicon Valley. With Longevity Week Berlin, we are committed to making knowledge and innovations on this topic accessible to everyone and turning longevity into a lifestyle.”

Check out the Longevity Week timetable HERE and find out all the details HERE.