LongevityTech.fund II launches – now accepting new investors

After successful conclusion of LongevityTech.fund, the second fund is now open for business.

LongevityTech.fund has started accepting new investors for its second fund – Longevitytech.fund II; the first fund concluded with over 40+ investments, including one exit and one IPO – Genflow Bio – placing Longevitytech.fund firmly in the world’s top 5 most active longevity investors.

Longevity.Technology: The fund investments fall into broad longevity categories – therapeutics and the enabling platform technologies, biomarker discovery and diagnostics, including companion diagnostics; investments also include preventative and regenerative modalities and industry accelerators. The impressive portfolio includes BrainKey, Mitrix, Pano Therapeutics, Genflow Biosciences, SENISCA, Gerostate Alpha, NOVOS and Occuity. [A full list appears at the end of this article.]

The fund aims to support and capture the innovation wave through seed, pre-seed and Series A stage investments.

Jyothi Devakumar, PhD
Jyothi Devakumar, PhD | Photograph: Longevity Tech Fund / Jyothi Devakumar, PhD

Longevitytech.fund II will be managed by the same team led by Petr Sramek as the first fund, with newly-appointed experienced Jyothi Devakumar, PhD, as the second Managing Partner focused on science. The US-based fund operated from the firm’s Palo Alto, California office.

“The science and industry of longevity is experiencing exponential growth, and we expect massive hype after 2025 when we plan to nurture and gradually exit our portfolio companies,” said Petr Sramek. “Because longevity solutions bring real value to the global population, it will gradually become one of the largest and most impactful industries.”

The fund will start accepting new commitments from investors this week and targets the first closing of the fund in October 2022 with a target fund size of $50 million. Ongoing commitments will be accepted through the beginning of 2023 with a maximum fund size of $100 million.

Petr Sramek
Petr Sramek

LongevityTech.Fund is also an investor in our parent company, First Longevity. Founder and CEO, Phil Newman, said: “Petr and his team are to be commended for their vision and support for growth of the longevity economy. The fund is always early into exciting start-ups – time and again we see later stage investment deals where LongevityTech.Fund appears on the cap table as an early backer.”

LongevityTech.Fund Portfolio


Animal Biosciences, Repair Biotechnologies, Mitrix, Pano Therapeutics, Genflow Biosciences, Yuva Biosciences, SENISCA, Celeris Therapeutics, Gerostate Alpha, Samsara Therapeutics, NOVOS, VasoDynamics, Juvena Therapeutics, Petri Bio, Intervene Immune, Maxwell Biosciences, Remedium, Cleara, Rejuvenation Technologies, Zoe Biosciences, MitoRx Therapeutics.

Diagnostics and platforms

AgeCurve, Nightingale, iamYiam, Sensable Health, Occuity, Embrace Prevention Care, Collaboration Healthcare, SiPhox, Healthy Longevity Guide, BrainKey, SamplingHUMAN, HealthyLongevity.clinic.

Longevity economy

First Longevity, Vesttoo, Longevity Hackers.

For more information, please see the longevitytech.fund website, or contact investors@longevitytech.fund.

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