Loyal lands $45m to advance development of dog life extension drugs

Company raises Series B funding as it anticipates commercial availability of dog longevity drugs by early 2025.

Longevity biotech startup Loyal has secured $45 million in Series B funding to continue its mission to extend the lifespan of dogs and enhance their quality of life as they age. Led by Bain Capital Ventures, with participation from Khosla Ventures, Valor Equity Partners and First Round Capital, among others, the funding brings the total raised by the San Francisco-based company to more than $125 million.

The funding will fuel the ongoing development of Loyal’s flagship product, the first ever dog lifespan extension drug, which the company says is expected to hit the market by early 2025, pending FDA approval. Loyal recently received what it believes to be the FDA’s initial acceptance that a drug can be developed and approved to extend lifespan.

“This fundraise fuels our efforts to bring to market what we hope will be the first FDA-approved drug to extend healthy lifespan,” said Celine Halioua, CEO of Loyal.

With a development process targeting key aging mechanisms, Loyal currently has three drugs in development: LOY-001 and LOY-003 target large-breed dogs, while LOY-002 is designed for senior dogs weighing 14 pounds and over. The company has made progress in the technical effectiveness section of its conditional FDA approval application for LOY-001, and recently launched the STAY trial, a pivotal effectiveness study for LOY-002, involving over 1,000 dogs across 50 veterinary sites in the US.

“Celine and her innovative, passionate, and responsible team at Loyal are making fast progress toward approved longevity medicines,” said Kevin Zhang, Partner at Bain Capital Ventures. “For the 65 million households in America with a dog, Loyal’s promise means longer, healthier dog lives – more priceless memories of excited greetings at the door, games of fetch in the park, and cozy afternoons together on the couch.”

Photograph courtesy of Loyal