Marc P Bernegger – making longevity tangible for everybody as soon as possible

Marc P Bernegger discusses building a bridge between amazing lab-based research and the creation of a successful longevity company.

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve brought you a series of interviews that we undertook while we were at the Longevity Investors Conference last month. Held in Gstaad in Switzerland, the LIC is the world’s leading and most private longevity-focused investors-only conference, showcasing longevity investment opportunities and the exciting directions in which the field is accelerating.

Longevity.Technology: LIC goes from strength-to-strength, and one of the reasons the conference is so successful is its founders, Marc P Bernegger and Tobias Reichmuth.

Serial-tech entrepreneur Bernegger has been following developments in the field of longevity since 2009; besides co-founding the longevity company-builder Maximon and the Longevity Investors Conference, he is involved in the crypto hedge fund AltAlpha Digital and is among others on the board of CfC St. Moritz and the Swiss Blockchain Federation. Bernegger brings a wealth of experience to LIC, so we were glad to sit down with him to discuss how crypto intersects with longevity and building a bridge between research and the market. Check out what he had to say in our video below.

Marc P Bernegger on…

The parallels between crypto and longevity

Like crypto was, longevity is an emerging industry that’s evolving, and it feels very similar. There is a technological breakthrough – scientific breakthroughs in the case of longevity – and these literally cause a paradigm shift. In the first stages, it’s really only the pioneers who can really understand what might happen and then it takes some years for everyone else.

We saw this with the revolution of the internet and the digital asset revolution, so to put it in comparison, I think we are really in the very first innings of longevity.

Asset hunting in longevity companies

As an entrepreneur, the most crucial asset is the people; every week Maximon is approached by amazing researchers and scientists who are working on amazing longevity developments, but who are missing someone to make their lab-oriented work tangible and monetizable – that’s our role, we build a bridge.

Ideally, it’s the people, the knowledge, the science behind it – that’s what we build a company around.

Longevity ASAP

The plan is to build three to five companies a year, and we’ve received close to 5000 applications already this year! There is a huge talent pool, and, for the moment, we are looking at companies close to market, in the future it could be companies with a more moonshot approach.

Our vision and mission is really to make the idea behind longevity tangible for everybody as soon as possible.

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