Martin O’Dea: longevity is burning bright in Ireland

Longevity Events CEO on why the Celtic Tiger is outsizing longevity in Ireland

Ireland is a focus for longevity science, research and investment and next month’s Longevity Summit Dublin promises to celebrate and explore new frontiers in longevity, biotech and rejuvenation. With a roster of longevity thought leaders (including Aubrey de GreyMike WestMatthew O’ConnorBrian KennedyOliver ZolmanAndrea MaierDavid GobelAlexey StryginJim Mellon…) and a Welcome Gala it is a must see event for anyone in the sector.

Longevity.Technology: Ahead of Longevity Summit Dublin (which runs 18-20 September), our editor-in-chief Phil Newman caught up with Longevity Events CEO and Summit organiser Martin O’Dea for a video interview in which he shares his views on Ireland’s contribution to the longevity economy and why it is such a successful jumping-off point for so many industries and biotechs and big pharma pivoting to longevity. Check it out below:

Martin O’Dea on…

The longevity economy

“Ireland is a significant contributor the longevity economy; it’s hit the ground running, and will become a major hub. The US, Russia and UK are all hubs of this nascent industry, but Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and Singapore have also planted their flags in the ground. Ireland has the required infrastructure and ecosystem to gain momentum very quickly.”

Location, location, location

“Ireland has major pharma companies and when it comes to pivoting to the longevity economy, Ireland has the tools – the infrastructure, the supporting industry, IP protection, a high level of education and a high level of focus on STEM and the sciences generally. These are the same factors that brought the tech sector, financial services and the pharma sector to Ireland. It’s not just having an address in Ireland – it’s the production and export back-up.”

A different outlook

“The Summit will feature scientists, investors and government decision makers, of course, but also the curious – I’ve seen people change career after attending longevity events like these! The variety of perspectives and opinions are key as longevity moves from niche to mainstream, and we want to hear from people on how the field itself should be brought forward and how companies should frame themselves. Who wouldn’t want to play a part in and be a witness to the biggest industry of the 21st century? The Summit will their view into that, giving them an input and possible roles to play in the future.”

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