Matter Bio lands seed funding for longevity therapeutics that preserve genomic integrity

Company targets clinical trials of treatments designed to counter the damage incurred by our genome as we age.

Longevity biotech Matter Bio revealed today that it has closed a $7 million seed funding round to advance its work targeting genome integrity to extend human lifespan. The company’s mission is to slow and reverse key drivers of aging by counteracting the damage incurred by our genome as we age.

Matter’s approach is based on the idea that aging is defined by damage that is incorporated into our DNA in the form of mutations, structural variations, epigenetic drift and other types of information loss. The company aims to counter this damage by developing therapeutics that address key stages in the “genomic information loss continuum.”

Detect, reverse, remove

Leveraging a three-pronged strategy, Matter’s approach first detects and identifies loss of genomic information, then corrects these mutations and reintroduces original genetic information, before finally eliminating cells too damaged to repair, such as cancerous, clonal and senescent cells.

“We are excited to see the emerging consensus on the core role DNA damage and mutations play in aging and age-driven pathologies,” Matter Bio CEO Chris Bradley told us. “As one of the few companies tackling this massive and underserved need, we look forward to further de-risking our cutting-edge science and crafting transformative medicines for patients.”

The company is supported by a distinguished team of scientists, including co-founders George Church, a leader in genome sequencing and gene editing, Jan Vijg, an expert in genome instability and somatic mutations, and Claudia Gravekamp, known for her work in attenuated bacterial therapeutics.

“Genomic integrity is a cornerstone of longevity and healthspan extension,” said Church, Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School. “Matter Bio is pioneering a crucial approach in the fight against aging by focusing on the preservation of our genetic blueprint. I am excited to see the impact of their work on enhancing human health.”

Targeting clinical trials

The seed capital raised will facilitate Matter’s ongoing research into the information theory of aging at a genomic level. The company also says the funds will help file an Investigational New Drug (IND) application and initiate a Phase 1/2a clinical trial targeting solid cancers.

“With our team of rockstar gene editing and sequencing experts, we are uniquely positioned to tackle the loss of genome stability as a driver for aging,” Matter Bio co-founder, Dr Sam Sharifi told us. “Our innovative approach leverages bleeding-edge gene editing and sequencing technologies to develop therapies that restore genome integrity, potentially transforming the treatment of age-related disease.”

The seed round was led by Lifespan Vision Ventures with contributions from quadraScope Ventures and additional support from grants by NIH, NCI and NIEHS.

“Our investment in Matter Bio furthers our mission of supporting the cutting-edge interventions that promote longevity and combat aging,” said Andrew Worden, Founding Partner of LifeSpan Vision Ventures. “Matter Bio’s strong team, cutting-edge genomic preservation technologies, and early-stage partnerships give the company excellent prospects to succeed with its vision.”