Maximon boosts investment volume for longevity startups to $33m

Expanding capital and strengthening expertise: Maximon fuels longevity startups growth with CHF 30m investment and board expansion.

Swiss company builder Maximon has announced it is injecting additional capital into the development of longevity companies aimed at extending healthspan – the period of time we can live in good health without age-related diseases.

In addition, Maximon has further strengthened its Board of Directors with the appointment of Christoph Schwarzenbach.

Longevity.Technology: Having successfully built and financed four longevity companies, including Avea and Biolytica, Maximon has increased the investment volume of its longevity co-investment fund to CHF 30 million (approximately US$33), with Maximon’s own investment rising to CHF 10 million. Notably, new investors such as European family offices and private investors have joined the initiative, and the fund’s target volume is set at CHF 100 million.

Maximon boosts investment volume for longevity startups to $33m
Maximon’s Board of Directors (left to right): Dr Tobias Reichmuth, Marc P Bernegger, Caroline Wagner, Christoph Schwarzenbach, Jörg Rieker, Dr Elisabeth Roider.
Photograph: Zffoto/Envato

Dr Tobias Reichmuth, a founding partner at Maximon, expressed his satisfaction, stating: “In the current market environment, fundraising is no easy task. Therefore, we are particularly pleased to have attracted additional investors with significant capital to support our longevity-focused company building.”

Dr Elisabeth Roider, Partner and Chief Medical Officer at Maximon, highlighted the increasing interest in longevity. She said: “Longevity is a subject of growing fascination. The scientific advancements in this field are tremendous. Now, it is crucial to foster entrepreneurship to transform research outcomes into tangible products.”

By welcoming Christoph Schwarzenbach, a senior partner at the esteemed family office FINAD, as a new Board of Directors member, the company builder has gained another experienced investor and asset manager.

Looking ahead, Maximon’s objective is to establish two more companies within the current year and nearly a dozen longevity companies over the next four years, providing them with funding of up to CHF 10 million each. This level of seed financing will enable these companies to secure internationally competitive Series A funding in the double-digit million range, paving the way for the creation of globally active longevity companies.

Marc P Bernegger, who is also a founding partner of Maximon, told Longevity.Technology these latest developments are good news for the longevity industry – and it looks like we can expect more positive announcements from the company builder later in the year.

“We are very pleased about the development of Maximon and our ventures; we launched Maximon in 2021, and our companies already employ more than 60 people, and we have deployed more than CHF 10 million into our ventures,” Bernegger told us. “We now want to accelerate these developments, and the more funds go into longevity startups, the closer we get to our vision to make longevity research and science tangible for the broader masses.”

Photograph: brgfx/Envato