Maximon lowers the bar for European longevity investors

More professional investors in Europe can now participate in the Longevity Co-Investment Fund, with minimum investment reduced to CHF 10,000.

Swiss longevity company builder Maximon today unveiled a new investment opportunity designed to allow more professional investors in Europe to invest in longevity ventures. Partnering with wealth management firm Marcuard Heritage and fintech company GenTwo, Maximon is responding to demand from investors to improve access to its Longevity Co-Investment Fund (LCIF).

The partnering companies have together launched an investment vehicle in the form of an actively managed certificate (AMC), which significantly lowers the minimum investment required to join the LCIF from CHF 500,000 to just CHF 10,000.

“We see this as an interesting opportunity as we receive many inquiries from professional investors who are not able or willing to invest the minimum amount of CHF 500k into our existing investment fund,” Maximon’s Marc P Bernegger told us.

The LCIF was launched in 2021 to invest in longevity companies founded by Maximon, such as supplements firm AVEA and AI analytics platform Biolytica. The company builder identifies business opportunities in the longevity field and works with entrepreneurs to build new longevity ventures from scratch, providing a unique ecosystem including financing, human resources, operational structures, back-office support and more.

Maximon says its new offering is a step towards democratizing investment in longevity with the goal of attracting more European professional investors interested in companies targeting human longevity and healthspan.

“Together with AI, Longevity is likely the biggest – and most rewarding – investment opportunity in the 21st century,” said Maximon’s Tobias Reichmuth. “We are pleased that Marcuard Heritage now also offers access to professional investors with the AMC structure.”

Maximon’s latest investment opportunity is only available to professional investors in Switzerland and the EU, and not available to investors in the US or UK.