Mikra announces successful study results for CELLF

New study finds Found CELLF increased both lifespan and healthspan in animals – with most significant improvement being late in life.

Lifeist Wellness has announced that its US biosciences subsidiary Mikra Cellular Sciences has completed its first foundational pre-clinical study aimed at understanding the effect of CELLF on healthspan.

Mikra partnered with InVivo Biosystems, an expert in CRISPR genome editing, to test whether CELLF could improve healthspan and protect against reactive oxygen species.

Longevity.Technology: InVivo researchers identified non-toxic concentrations of CELLF and found that it increased both lifespan and healthspan in animals, especially late in life.

Researchers also found that treatment with CELLF resulted in differential gene expression profiles, particularly affecting key members of established longevity pathways such as insulin/insulin-like growth factor-1 signaling (IIS), autophagy/mTOR pathway, and stress response pathway. Additionally, it was observed that CELLF had antioxidant properties and reduced the damage caused by exposure to pesticides in the study [1].

“We always intended our first pre-clinical study to pave the way for more iterations of CELLF and clinical studies,” said Faraaz Jamal, CEO of Mikra and COO of Lifeist. “With these results, it’s clear that we have a winning product that has significant potential to improve ones’ healthy years and I am excited to continue to strengthen our offering and develop on these truly remarkable results [2].”

Added Meni Morim, CEO of Lifeist, “Advancements in health technology are core to Lifeist’s mission. By further proving the validity and opportunity of CELLF through this study, we are strengthening our portfolio and position in the wellness market [2].”

Antioxidant capabilities

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are harmful molecules that can damage our DNA, RNA and proteins – damage that leads to cell death. Antioxidants are molecules that can help reduce this damage. Researchers tested three concentrations of CELLF to see if it could reduce damage caused by exposure to a pesticide known to create ROS.

The researchers found that at all concentrations, CELLF treatment increased activity under oxidative stress relative to the control group. A repeated measures ANOVA was used for statistical analysis, which showed that the effect of treatment was statistically significant (P < 0.0001), while time had no significant effect (P = 0.300). There was also no interaction between treatment and time (P = 0.239). These results suggest that CELLF has antioxidant properties as it reduced damage caused by exposure to ROS-inducing pesticides in animals tested in this study [1].

Mikra announces successful study results for CELLF

Genetic pathway identification

Researchers found that exposure to CELLF significantly affected the expression of several genes involved in stress resistance, fatty acid metabolism and insulin signaling. They also identified additional lifespan-associated genes that were differentially expressed just outside their conventional statistical cut-offs for significance.

Using a more relaxed cut-off, they found eight longevity-associated genes were differentially expressed at day two and 18 longevity-associated genes were differentially expressed at day nine. This information suggests that exposure to CELLF may have an impact on cellular pathways related to aging and could potentially affect lifespan or healthspan outcomes in organisms treated with this compound [1].

Healthspan results

Treatment with 0.1mg/mL CELLF reduced the time at which populations experienced 50% mortality while exposure to higher concentrations (0.3mg/mL) had a significant positive impact on delaying age-related decline by increasing lifespan up until when there was a seventy-five percent (75%) probability of death [1].

Mikra announces successful study results for CELLF

Images courtesy of Lifeist

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