Milan to host Italy’s first major international longevity forum

New summit seeks to explore new frontiers of longevity and create plan to guide policy makers and the healthspan industry.

At the Italian Chamber of Deputies, the AEON Foundation announced a significant event for the field of longevity medicine – a major longevity forum scheduled to take place in Milan from 14th to 27th March, 2024.

Longevity.Technology: Organizers BrainCircle Italia and Viviana Kasam hope the Milan Longevity Summit will be a unique opportunity for the sector and set the stage for Italy to emerge as an internationally recognized scientific hub. Drawing inspiration from the global fame of Milan’s fashion and design weeks, the event aims to attract the most prestigious scientific and academic institutions.

The event, taking place at various locations across Milan, will see the participation of eminent researchers, economists, investors, and biotech companies, all engaged in exploring the new frontiers of longevity and the prevention of physical and mental aging.

The Milan Longevity Summit also plans to use the event to draw up the Milan Longevity Program, a ten-point document that will help policy makers, the industry and the general audience improve their lifestyles and increase their healthspan.

The summit will feature sixty of the most renowned and established scientists in the field, including David Sinclair, Juan Carlos Izpisua-Belmonte, Laura Niedernhofer, Nic Palmarini, Ana Maria Cuervo, Nir Barzilai, Andrea Maier, Luigi Ferrucci, Anna Erat, Claudio Franceschi, Antonella Santuccione Chada, Steve Horvath, Marco Quarta and Roberto Bernabei. These experts will discuss cutting-edge research aimed at slowing down the aging process. The event aspires to redefine time and challenge conventional views on aging, fostering a holistic approach that integrates welfare policies, economy, work, and city organization with political and administrative awareness.

Livestreamed and with simultaneous translation in both English and Italian, the Summit will
feature roundtables with demographers, investors, startup entrepreneurs and mayors of some of the cities that are currently experimenting new social organizational models based on demographic change.

The Summit organizers acknowledge we are heading towards what they term a a longevity rush – a new gold rush for the 21st century; public and private investors, billionaires searching for the source of eternal life, private equities, startups, companies from every industry sector, from big pharma to supplement manufacturers, cosmetics, advertising, real estate, medical and paramedical fields, as well as the leisure industry are all taking a keen interest in this accelerating space.

The AEON Foundation sees the Summit as a fundamental step for Italy. Dr Nicola Marino, Director of the AEON Foundation, said: “The Milan Longevity Summit is an unmissable opportunity to promote Italy as an international case study in the field of longevity and to reestablish the close link between health, life expectancy, and the country’s growth, considering the trends of declining birth rates and the increasing gap between lifespan and healthspan.

The summit is set to explore a variety of highly relevant themes; discussions will include aging biomarkers, the use of AI algorithms and their impact on daily life, and key strategies for quality aging, such as physical exercise, nutrition, sleep and mental health. Additionally, crucial topics like accessibility to longevity and the role of institutional stakeholders will be addressed on 26th March at an event organized by AEON and in the presence of the Italian Minister of Health, Former Minister for Family and Equal Opportunities and MP, Former Minister of Labor and economist, as well as CEOs of companies like Technogym, UniSalute and others.