Mirador emerges with $400m to advance precision medicine platform

Startup leverages advanced genetic data to develop precision medicine solutions for ‘multiple’ immune-mediated inflammatory and fibrotic diseases.

Biotech startup Mirador Therapeutics has launched with a whopping $400 million in funding to revolutionize precision medicine for “immune-mediated inflammatory and fibrotic diseases.” While the company has not yet revealed which indications it is targeting, there are many chronic conditions that could potentially fall under such a scope, including rheumatoid arthritis, connective tissue disorders, and even neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

Mirador aims to address the treatment gap in immune-mediated diseases by tailoring treatments to individual genetic profiles, a strategy that has dramatically changed approaches in oncology. At the heart of the company’s strategy is its “precision development engine,” Mirador360, which harnesses recent advancements in human genetics and data science. The platform is designed to sift through vast amounts of patient data to uncover genetic associations to immune-mediated diseases, identify therapeutic targets, and explore potential combination therapies.

Key to Mirador’s approach is its emphasis on genetic profiling. By pinpointing specific genetic targets, the company hopes to not only develop more effective treatments but also advance diagnostics and refine patient stratification for clinical trials.

Led by seasoned executives from Prometheus Biosciences, including CEO Mark C McKenna, the company says it is leveraging Mirador360 to fast-track multiple therapeutic programs.

“At Mirador, we envision a bold new era of precision medicine for immune-mediated inflammatory and fibrotic diseases driven by speed and superior development accuracy,” said McKenna, who sold Prometheus to Merck for $10.8 billion last year. “The industry has only scratched the surface of utilizing advances in human genetics – coupled with exponential progress in machine learning – to accelerate the development of precision therapies for patients who need them the most.”

The funding round was led by ARCH Venture Partners, and joined by early backers OrbiMed and Fairmount, and a host of other investors.

“The I&I field is in need of better, novel therapeutics as well as new R&D approaches that target enriched patient populations for improved probability of success in the clinic,” said Kristina Burow, managing director of ARCH Venture Partners, who joins Mirador’s board.

Photograph: DC Studio/Envato