Mogling Bio secures additional funding to advance rejuvenation tech

Kizoo provides cash infusion to accelerate hematopoietic stem cell and immune system rejuvenation technology.

Longevity biotech startup Mogling Bio has revealed that primary investor Kizoo has “significantly increased” its investment in the company. Mogling, which is developing molecules to treat age-related diseases by rejuvenating hematopoietic stem cells as well as immune cells, says that the new funding provides resources to accelerate its product development closer to the clinic.

“This increased investment from Kizoo is a testament to the strength of our vision and the dedication of our team,” said Jürgen Reess, CEO of Mogling Bio, who told us that the company has progressed “faster than orginally expected.”

“These funds will help us to continue our activities without delay,” he added. “They will allow us to run new animal invivo models, and to further profile our lead compounds on our way towards an IND.”

With operations in both the US and Germany, Mogling is developing small molecules designed to rejuvenate old stem cells of the blood cell formation system, known as hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs). The company founders believe that restoring order to our aging stem cells may hold the key to solving many of the problems associated with aging.

The company is initially focused on a key protein called CDC42, which increases in activity as we age, causing our stem cells to lose their normal structure. This loss of structure leads to decreased production and quality of blood and immune cells, and is implicated in leukemia, various blood diseases, and weakening of the immune system.

The company is working on therapeutics designed to normalize CDC42 activity and restore structure, order and functionality in aged stem cells. Treated cells can perform their tasks again in a juvenile way, and thereby contribute to both, the rejuvenation of stem cells and the immune system.

The underlying technology was developed over the last 15 years by Mogling’s scientific co-founders, Professors Yi Zheng from the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and Hartmut Geiger from Ulm University in Germany. In 2020, Zheng and Geiger showed that CDC42 inhibition extended lifespan in mice.

Part of Michael Greve’s Forever Healthy Group, Kizoo invests in companies with a focus on rejuvenation biotech, supporting the creation of startups developing new therapies that target the root causes of aging. In addition to Mogling, Kizoo is a backer of longevity companies including Cellvie, Cyclarity, Revel Pharmaceuticals, and Elastrin Therapeutics.

“We believe that Mogling Bio’s technology is groundbreaking by truly rejuvenating old stem cells – not only alleviating age-related diseases, but reversing age-related decline in immune system function,” said Patrick Burgermeister, partner at Kizoo and Mogling Bio board member.