Moon Rabbit partners with Foresight to accelerate longevity ideas into reality

Speculate to accumulate lifespan – how Moon Rabbit crypto is going bigger and better for everyone.

Vertically integrated crypto-meritocratic techno-conglomerate Moon Rabbit has announced a partnership with the Foresight Institute; the metachain has allocated funding grants and research to fellows from the Institute who are researching the most promising cutting edge technologies related to life extension. The most promising projects may be transformed into web3 startups that will launch on top of the Moon Rabbit ecosystem.

“Once you have successfully upended the financial world, you might look to bigger problems to challenge.” – Angel Versetti.

Longevity.Technology: The founder of Moon Rabbit has made it clear there is a new generation of crypto elites who have risen above the status quo financial institutions and are turning the tide of human evolution towards the original problem – death itself. Angel Versetti is no stranger to developing experimental solutions in the name of longevity as the core purpose of Moon Rabbit is to democratise access to life extending technologies and provide a decentralised space for these technologies to freely grow. Moon Rabbit hopes to act as the substrate off which any longevity-oriented project can connect with cutting edge techniques and the labs creating them to build something bigger for everyone. Moon Rabbit is the springboard from which the longevity industry can monetise and grow itself. By using the crypto and web3 tools it builds, Moon Rabbit can pick the most promising projects, launch them on top of the Moon Rabbit ecosystem and then be able to give them access to connections and resources they would otherwise be without.

Moon Rabbit told us they are delighted by the partnership with “the world’s leading Longevity research institution”, referencing the Foresight Institute’s decades of research into “technologies that will present opportunities to vastly improve the human condition, and a web of strategies to secure those benefits while avoiding the problems that could come from careless or malicious misuse of those technologies, or from unintended consequences.”

This partnership gives Moon Rabbit the perfect place to allocate grants and research funding towards “preventing or curing almost every disease and injury, including the currently inevitable disabilities of aging.” In line with its goal, Moon Rabbit will be sponsoring the Fellowship class of 2022, a one-year programme designed to give leading young scientists, engineers and innovators working on emerging new technologies a platform where they can find the support to accelerate their ideas into reality.

Foresight Institute works closely with top scientists in the fields of nanotech, biotech, computation, neurotech and even space. Having the best in their fields allows for a space to build a constantly evolving tech tree to find how current advances in technology can work together and uncover new capabilities and applications.

Having the best in their fields allows for a space to build a constantly evolving tech tree to find how current advances in technology can work together and uncover new capabilities and applications.
Angel Versetti, Founder – Moon Rabbit

“By using a mixture of crowdsourcing, molecular machines, neurotechnology, computing, and space technology programmes, Foresight Institute is building trees to address challenges in longevity, atomically-precise manufacturing, brain-computer interfaces, private machine learning and asteroid mining. With a heavy focus on bringing technology together Foresight is creating a network of problems to find similar pain points in the shared process of research and development. With a network of problems comes a network of resources coordinating to solve these problems and opens pathways to find and fund new and unexplored opportunities.”

Just like Moon Rabbit, Foresight Institute puts itself ahead in the longevity industry by embracing web3 and unlocking the full potential of crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and web3 data processing and storage. Web3 has totally disrupted the crowdfunding industry making the funding process safe, transparent and allowing platforms to maximise their potential. Moon Rabbit along with Foresight Institute are building the platforms and infrastructure needed to truly take advantage of the blockchain for crowdfunding, access to liquidity, crowdsourcing and scalability.

“This is what Moon Rabbit offers and this is how Moon Rabbit will accelerate the development of longevity technology,” a spokesman told us. “This is the opportunity to be at the head of an industry that 100% of the population not only wants, but needs.”

More and more digital innovators are breaking boundaries and speeding up the production of life extending technology at a rate never before seen.

“Heads of the longevity industry have stated that in the next decade the average person will be living a much longer and richer life as the longevity market explodes by trillions of dollars and becomes the centerpoint of health research,” the company said. “Moon Rabbit is the world’s first cryptocurrency totally devoted to the search for eternal life and as a full fork of Polkadot it boasts massive scalability and cross-chain interoperability. This means any project being built on or participating in the AAA network are contributing to life extension technologies. Moon Rabbit places itself as the backbone of the crypto and longevity industries by providing a space for scientific co-operation, research collaboration, and alternative financial incentives.

“Connecting those powerful yet unheard voices to the resources they need and providing the average user of the AAA network the ability to be awarded for staking funds and/or personal data in the name of democratizing access to and empowering longevity research. Moon Rabbit is a crypto-conglomerate on a mission to extend life.”

We are seeing an unprecedented flow of wealth into the longevity research scene. Vitalik Buterin has made over $26 million of grant funding available to researchers via Impetus Grants, donated $25 million SHIB tokens to the Future of Life Institute and given millions to the Methuselah Foundation. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has backed both Unity Biotechnology and is rumoured to have invested in Altos Labs. Richard Heart, the founder of HEX, has proved to be a huge supporter for the SENS Research Foundation (SRF).

Moon Rabbit told us: “We are seeing this everywhere, the most renowned crypto and tech visionaries are propelling the longevity industry. Moon Rabbit stands tall, ahead of the curve making sure this technology is accessible, not just to this planet’s elite few, but to all.
“Our founder and visionary, Angel Versetti, is a leader of the longevity movement and at the head of uniting it with web3. He knows the road ahead will be filled with clashes between traditional institutions and companies as ‘…chronic diseases are the most stable revenue stream…’ There is ‘…a strong need to make a breakthrough to change the status quo.'”

Versetti is now engaged on a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation that will create on-chain governance, project management and monetisation strategies for IP.

“This model for development is something that currently only exists within the crypto world and will drastically increase the speed at which said development can take place unhindered by the currently established financial institutions,” Moon Rabbit told Longevity.Technology. “Capitalising on the great exchange of wealth that is cryptocurrency Versetti is building Moon Rabbit into the crypto conglomerate that will leave no stone unturned and no blockchain untouched in the ultimate task overshadowing all lifetimes, the search for immortality.”