Muhdo 2.0 is taking personalized longevity to a new level

Muhdo announces app upgrade and Helixer personalized supplements that combine DNA data with over 850,000 epigenetic markers.

Muhdo is on a mission to personalize wellness through a digital health and testing ecosystem that is driven by big data and diagnostics. A saliva test generates a DNA health profile and biological age and epigenetic profile, and the app-based platform integrates epigenetics, genetics, health, fitness, nutrition, cognitive testing, facial tracking and wellbeing to generate an individual longitudinal health data proposition that aims to help individuals reduce the risk of future adverse health issues by providing them with the tools and knowledge to live healthier lifestyles.

Muhdo 2.0 enables a user to calculate eight different age clocks through genetic analysis, in-app gamification and face scanning. The clocks calculate the user’s age for skin, eyes, memory and hearing, as well generating a pro- and anti-inflammatory score.

Longevity.Technology: Muhdo uses a science-based approach that leverages knowledge of genes, biomarkers and environmental factors that correlate to external and cellular aging and that is underpinned by peer reviewed medical research. Now, Muhdo is stepping up its longevity game by not only introducing Muhdo 2.0, but by helping its customers action its actionable insights with Helixer, personalized supplements that combine DNA data with over 850,000 epigenetic markers that sit above your genes and envelop your DNA.

We caught up with Nathan Berkley, Chief Executive of Muhdo, to find out more.

Nathan Berkley on…

Two years of longevity hand-holding

By doing 24 diagnostics tests over a two-year subscription period, we are constantly looking at a person’s health – a different result each month for a different area of the body. It means constant engagement, and we’re holding that person’s hand all the way through the journey to make those small changes. The big problem is, when you do a huge health test, you’re told to make a whole lot of changes, and it’s too much – people just give up after month one! Instead, by giving these interventions and tests across the year, the incentive is there for people to connect with the process, and do something – take those small steps towards being healthy. It’s very hard to do something all in one go.

A business model powered by data

We white label what we do – Formula Health, for instance, in the F1 space uses our product and that goes all the way to lots of different clinics around the world. That’s given us a really nice data spread, which is important when we look at genetics, at people’s lifestyle, where they live, their diets… it’s given us a broad range of data so we can hyper-personalize to the individual, rather than just drawing on Western data.

From data to supplements

We’ve looked at data from around 25,000 people over four years to look at really helping people live the best life possible. A huge issue is that people aren’t getting the daily nutrients they need at the start of the day; people are taking extra supplements like NAD+, but if you’re not getting the really important basic nutrients, that’s going to be an issue.

We’ve created a range that has 144 ingredients – these will give you the base to help slow down the aging process. Over time, depending on our DNA tests, your subscription will change on a monthly basis to personalize around you – it’s really important that we understand you as an individual.

Health upgrade

Muhdo 2.0 launches this week with cognitive skills, face age and blood work. We’re also reaching out to partners, bringing the best in class in to the app to give the customer a choice and to have all the key information in one place. Existing customers will naturally upgrade to the new app as we roll it out, and they will benefit from new information, as we’ve expanded out the epigenetics to include pro- and anti-inflammatory and skin age.

Depending on need, Helixer personalized supplements will draw from the following:

  • Cerebral – brain health
    Containing over 40 ingredients to improve brain health and nourish the mind, Cerebral comes in two formulations (not just for fans of The Matrix) – RED helps to restore alertness and fight mental, as well as physical fatigue and BLUE is aimed at helping the mind to relax and remove cerebral congestion.
  • Nourish – gut health
    Nourish has been specifically designed to target and nourish the gut and support digestive health and thereby immunity. It combines over 25 specific ingredients from short chain fatty acids, digestive enzymes, pre/probiotics, amino acids, soluble and insoluble fiber.
  • You – skin health
    A skin health formula, You is blended with a variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other key nutrients to help reduce free radical build up and oxidative stress whilst making the skin more resilient.
  • Gaze – eye health
    Formulated with a variety of nutrients to keep eyes healthy, Gaze aims to reduce the chances of sight diminishing over time and/or any age-related eye diseases developing.
  • Flow – heart health
    Flow is a specially designed formula made with a blend of essential nutrients and antioxidants to support the health of the heart and cardiovascular system.
  • Enhance – immune health
    Enhance contains specific nutrients which have all been clinically shown to aid the immune system, enhance the innate immune response as well as strengthening the body’s ability to both recover and/or help fight off any recent cold or infection.