Muhdo partner with NUS in advanced longevity research

National University of Singapore and Muhdo Heath set to collaborate on an advanced global research project on longevity analysing epigenetic change.

Muhdo Health announced today it is joining forces with the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Professor Brian Kennedy to bring about one the most advanced research projects focused on healthy aging and longevity ever undertaken. The research will take place on a global scale, involving the analysis of epigenetic changes on the human body. The study will focus on the changes that occur during aging and the effects that lifestyle and environment have on gene expression.

Longevity.Technology: Last week we covered Muhdo’s announcement that they are partnering with ARK-KCL in an advanced research project around epigenetics, AI and informatics. Today’s announcement further cements their position as a key player in the epigenetics space. 

Unlike the outdated and conventional method of measuring age with time, epigenetic aging, also known as biological age, can be accelerated and reversed. Participants will be analysed while living their normal, everyday lives, through their stressors and environmental challenges with epigenetic aging being analysed through DNA methylation.

Brian Kennedy
Prof Brian Kennedy, Director, Centre for Healthy Ageing, NUS

DNA methylation has been argued to be related to all mortality in later life, however, it is thought not to be a cause of aging but a marker that can be used to judge accelerated aging. By using this important marker, it may be possible to predict many disease and lifestyle conditions before they come to pass.

Prevention is the best cure

With the fundamental aim of decelerating the aging process and preventing these ailments from occurring in the first place, Muhdo has built its DNA and epigenetic offering to be accessed through a ground-breaking mobile application. This application will also be available to the participants in the study in a white label form, highlighting the technological advances in the study and information sharing of DNA analysis.

Nathan Berkley Muhdo
Nathan Berkley, CEO, Muhdo

“We at Muhdo are very excited to be aiding NUS carry out this cutting-edge research with the custom Muhdo analysis and mobile application,” said Muhdo CEO Nathan Berkley. “DNA and epigenetics has the capability to help everyone at every stage of life to reach their full health potential. We believe this is a true milestone in the global application of epigenetics.”

Professor Brian Kennedy said: “We’re always searching for novel ways to push the boundaries of our research at NUS and epigenetics is at the pinnacle of human longevity and genetic science. Everyone involved at NUS is very excited to be able to bring our studies to fruition with the aid of Muhdo. We believe, above all else, that we will reach invaluable conclusions that will reverberate for years to come.”

Image credits:  Jason GohPixabay, Prof Brian Kennedy and Nathan Berkley