NAD+ and metformin: AgelessRx’s anti-aging platform

Personalised longevity medicine is the top goal for AgelessRx.

In November we spoke to Anar Isman, the Co-founder & CEO of AgelessRx, about PEARL, the company’s IRB-approved human trial of rapamycin, a drug that has performed positively for aging in animal trials. Today we’re digging a little deeper into the company’s online anti-aging platform which promises “longevity prescriptions delivered right to your door.”

Longevity.Technology: Longevity through personalised medicine is the future; there is no point rattling with supplements that won’t target your personal aging needs. AgelessRx is hoping to use the data it collects from its supplements and prescriptions platform to analyse what products – and what combinations of products – pay the best dividends in terms of slowing and stopping aging.

AgelessRx has its foundation in something that has interested and puzzled Isman since he was a teenager – no-one wants to get old and die, but there is not as much interest and research into slowing down aging as there should be. His epiphany moment was when he encouraged his mother to begin taking metformin after learning of its anti-aging properties, but her doctor demurred, arguing that why on earth would he prescribe metformin for a non-diabetic.

“I realised there really is an opportunity to provide access to longevity therapies to people that are having a hard time accessing them – and that’s how AgelessRx came about,” Isman explains. “Our goal is to provide access to longevity products, or therapies, that require a prescription to people in an accessible and affordable manner.”

“Metformin targets a number of age-related mechanisms and is heavily researched, but it’s not a magic pill, by any means,” he explains. “With continuing efforts, in the next 5 to 10 years, there will be some really powerful products that will help with longevity. The problem is that aging is not considered a disease, so it’s not going to be labelled ‘buy this for longevity’ because the science has been proved for other diseases, such as atherosclerosis or arthritis.

“If you are not suffering from those, the doctor won’t prescribe the drugs. That’s why I think our platform will fill in that gap. You don’t have to have an ‘on-label’ disease to benefit from our product; our doctors are knowledgeable about the benefits and the safety of certain drugs, and if appropriate, they’ll prescribe them to you – even without your having that particular disease, because they view the onset of age related damage itself as a disease.”

“Aging is malleable. It has levers, and these levers can be adjusted.”

AgelessRx sells a range of longevity therapies, including metformin, NAD+ and glutathione. Some products are taken orally, others taken dermally through patches, by an injection, or through a nasal spray. Customers complete a medical intake form which is reviewed by a licensed medical professional before the prescriptions are dispatched.

The AgelessRx platform also offers a virtual longevity consultation and a biological age assessment based research published in Aging [1]. The biological age is determined from a blood sample drawn at one of over 2000 lab locations in the US by inputting the data of nine biomarkers into AgelessRx’s online calculator.

Aging is malleable, Isman says. “It has levers, and these levers can be adjusted.” Isman is hopeful that AgelessRx can leverage the data from its longevity products for everyone’s benefit, especially if plans for expansion outside the US come to fruition.

“We already have hundreds of healthy adults that are taking therapies for longevity,” he explains, “we just need to get more systemised data, analyse it, and we can hopefully produce useful data in the next six to twelve months. We’ll be able to analyse what works for which people, which combinations are better, and work towards providing a targeted solution for longevity.”

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