Navigate the emerging field of longevity

Full steam ahead as Investing in Longevity course live and open for booking.

The wait is over! A brand-new, specially-designed course is ready to assist in navigating the transformative industry of longevity, an industry that is set to revolutionize the world, and present both challenges and remarkable opportunities for investors and participants alike.

Investing in a new mega-trend can be daunting, as entering an unfamiliar market requires a comprehensive understanding of new terminologies, scientific advancements, risks and potential opportunities. Investing in Longevity 101 is designed to address these needs.

Longevity.Technology: The landscape is accelerating – supplement manufacturers, clinics, and biomarker vendors already generating revenues and raising capital, and a multitude of longevity biotechs are progressing steadily through clinical trial phases, with an increasing number reaching human trials. Myriad others are hot on their heels, actively seeking significant investments to sustain their progress and expedite their journey to the clinic or market. Longevity is a field of vast potential, but education is the key to unlocking its opportunities. By truly understanding this dynamic field – pitfalls, opportunities and trends – investors can benefit from this incredible potential while contributing much-needed investments to the longevity sector.

This online course is tailored to cater to a diverse audience of venture capitalists, fund managers, angel investors, pharma executives and biotech professionals, medical doctors pursuing continuing medical education, entrepreneurs, medical students, scientists, &c. The course welcomes all those eager to explore the potential of longevity and is part of a series of longevity education courses launched by Longevity Education Hub. We gathered the course founders – Evelyne Bischof, Phil Newman, Ricardo Gaminha Pacheco, Jiayi Song and Alex Zhavoronkov – round a virtual table to find out more.


Phil Newman on why the time is now

Whether individuals are interested in ‘longevity now’ or ‘longevity next,’ risks and rewards will always be present for investors. That’s precisely why Investing in Longevity 101 is so essential. The longevity economy is gaining momentum, and our aim is to provide investors and those seeking investment with a solid knowledge foundation to thrive.

Alex Zhavoronkov on following the hype

Investing is a risky business, and the cost of bringing a single drug to market can reach $2 billion. The cost, time and failure rate in longevity biotechnology are likely to be even higher. Currently, there are no success stories in longevity biotechnology. Understanding when to deploy capital is crucial for investors, as hype cycles in longevity often align with macroeconomic trends.

Jiayi Song on having a strategic focus

We are thrilled to announce our commitment to longevity venture capital, a transformative field with immense potential to reshape the future of human longevity. With this strategic focus, we aim to identify pioneering companies and breakthrough technologies that will extend and enhance the quality of human life. Our dedication to longevity venture capital underscores our firm belief to create a world where people can live more fulfilling lives.

Evelyne Bischof on embracing the horizon

Embracing the horizon of investing in longevity, venture capitalists embark on a noble journey, where they not only seek financial returns but also champion breakthrough developments, fostering a future where extended lifespans unfold alongside profound human healthspan optimization. We aimed to provide a small overview of the landscape based on selected examples.


Photograph: Zffoto/Envato