NeuroClues lands €5m for eye-tracking tech that detects neurodegenerative disease

Startup aims to diagnose multiple neurological disorders ‘years before the manifestation of clinical symptoms.’

French-Belgian medtech company NeuroClues has secured €5 million in new investment to support the launch of its technology designed to support the early diagnosis of neurological disorders. The firm has its initial sights set on the early detection of Parkinson’s disease, with other neurodegenerative conditions also in its roadmap, including Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis.

With the vision of becoming the “stethoscope of the brain,” NeuroClues has developed an eye-tracking technology that eliminates the need for calibration and promises earlier diagnosis compared to conventional methods. Leveraging a portable and connected headset, the system captures up to 800 infrared images per eye per second, providing healthcare practitioners with objective and quantifiable biomarkers for various neurological disorders.

NeuroClues’ technology has been integrated into the Iceberg study at the Brain Institute within La Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris, which aims to advance research on Parkinson’s disease, that aims to identify biomarkers for the early detection and monitoring of Parkinson’s disease progression.

“Subtle alterations in eye movement parameters can precede the onset of gait and balance disorders, allowing for the early detection of brain circuit dysfunctions in Parkinson’s disease before symptoms appear,” said Brain Institute professor Marie Vidailhet. “This early detection will enable the implementation of earlier care by strengthening the patient’s abilities. This can involve physical and sports training, monitoring, and management of risk factors: the patient becomes their own therapist!”

The funds will bolster NeuroClues’ efforts in product development and market expansion in Europe and North America. The company is now focused on the pursuit of regulatory approvals, with plans underway to obtain FDA clearance in the United States by 2024 and CE marking in Europe by 2025.

“This fundraising and the very positive clinical data from the study with the Brain Institute are strong signals that reaffirm our vision,” said Antoine Pouppez, CEO of NeuroClues. “We aim to change the landscape of diagnosis and management of neurodegenerative diseases, significantly reducing the timeframes involved by creating a ‘stethoscope of the brain’ – a tool that will fundamentally improve the lives of patients all over the world.”

The funding round was led by White Fund and the European Commission’s EIC Accelerator program, with participation from existing investors Invest.BW, Wallonie Entreprendre and others.

“White Fund is delighted to announce its investment in NeuroClues, a company that aligns perfectly with our investment strategy and our commitment to supporting innovative, close-to-market medtech startups in Belgium,” said Eric Brandt, White Fund co-director. “With the technologies its expert team is developing, NeuroClues has the potential to transform the early detection of neurodegenerative diseases and offer more effective treatments to millions of people worldwide.”

Photograph: LightFieldStudios/Envato