Neurotech is the new blue ocean

Alon Braun


Neurotech is the new blue ocean

Longevity.Technology: We were delighted to secure Alon Braun for Longevity2020. As a business architect, he is skilled at helping ideas grow into products, something that is vital in the Longevity sector.

Together with Dmitry Kaminskiy, he founded and Braun is clear on the importance of neurotech and its ability “to bring big money into Longevity.”

In his video Braun breaks down just what neurotech is and why it is so important. He also explains why early detection of degenerative neurological conditions is so important and the role neurotech has to play.

An interesting point is the one Braun makes about mobility – walking rather than general mobility – and the impact that it has on independence, state-of-mind, and wellness. He points-out that solutions need investment right now to mitigate the burden on healthcare systems and therefore provide valuation ROI to investors.

Braun concludes with an overview that compares the relative failure of pharmacological drugs that attack neurological diseases at the molecular level with technological advances that can take control and even suppress many chronic diseases. He has some statistics to back up his comparison too – find out more in the video!