Neurotech for focus – decode how to focus better with Eno

Getting attention – Eno is a platform that measures, tracks and trains focus, building better deep work habits.

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Eno, founded in Canada in 2016, is a mental fitness platform that coaches workers to improve their productivity and mental health.

Eno was created with the mission of building a Fitbit for mental fitness, which led Eno to design its first product, Enophone: a mental fitness tracker that helps users maximize their productivity by discovering when they work best, taking better breaks, and avoiding their biggest distractions. By integrating EEG sensors into a premium over ear headphone, Enophone is the most accessible, easy to use neurotech product available.

Eno believes that the next big innovation in neurotech will not come from a lab, but rather from designing incredible experiences that consumers love and use every day. Eno has spent the last decade innovating in sensor technology, machine learning, and user experience to achieve their vision of building the most user-friendly neurotech product available. With Enophone, tracking your mental fitness is as easy as wearing headphones. As a result, Enophone collects more data per user than any other neurotech product in the world.

“Over the last decade, our physical fitness tools have become more precise and personalized than ever – every heartbeat, step, and calorie can be tracked and analysed to help us understand our performance and health. Why doesn’t this exist for our mental fitness?

At Eno we believe the road to unlocking your peak mental fitness begins by measuring what matters: how well you’re performing, what’s getting in your way, and whether you’re ready for more. We spent nearly a decade working with the latest innovations in neurotechnology to achieve this vision. The result is Enophone.”

To date Eno has shipped thousands of Enophones to users across 80+ countries. Eno was awarded Forbes 30 under 30, and the CES innovation award for its innovation in wearable technology. Furthermore, Eno is currently partnered with Onkyo-Pioneer, and backed by Real Ventures, SOSV and Anges Quebec.

Identifying the problemif you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it

Before Eno was founded, Jacob Flood, Eno’s co-founder and CEO, spent several years researching the psychology of mental fitness, and published a book on the science of productivity. During this time, he recognised a problem: there doesn’t exist any product that can measure and track your mental fitness. As a result, despite the $121b spent annually on mental fitness tools, there’s no way to tell if what you’re doing is improving your mental fitness or not. In essence: there’s no Fitbit for mental fitness.

Here, Eno provides a solution – with their technology, users can measure and track their mental fitness, providing data, insights, and guidance to help users improve their mental health and productivity over time. 

Providing a solution

Jacob Flood and David Doyon founded Eno to do for mental fitness what Fitbit did for physical fitness.

Enophone is a brain-sensing headphone that allows users to measure and track their mental fitness. Enophone’s EEG sensors detect changes in brain activity in real-time and can extract 3 mental fitness scores:

  • Mental effort tracks the cognitive demands of your task, to gauge how hard you are working.
  • Readiness tracks the impact of cognitive fatigue, to gauge whether you should take a break.
  • Efficiency tracks how focused or distracted you are while you work.

Eno’s software turns this data into meaningful and actionable insights, helping the everyday knowledge worker understand how their daily habits and routines impact their mental fitness.

For knowledge workers seeking to improve their mental health and productivity, Enophone helps understand your mental fitness and the build better work habits.

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