A technology enabler for the pioneers in brain research – mBrainTrain

The mobile EEG company committed to bringing innovation in neuroscience aims to deliver on the promise of making everyday brain tracking possible in the near future.

Recently we launched our new Neurotech report; to follow this up, we are showcasing nine dynamic and innovative companies which we feel are driving this exciting space – our trailblazers. Over the coming weeks, we will be bringing you extracts from our nine trailblazer profiles; each profile includes a flagship product deep dive which offers a forensic consideration of product development, efficacy, target market, channels to market, success factors, IP and funding.

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Mbt is a mobile EEG company committed to bringing innovation in neuroscience. Since the company’s beginnings in 2012, they have established themselves as a technology enabler for the pioneers in brain research who want to widen the scope of research and help move the boundaries of neuroscience. Driven by the strong belief that there is much more potential in the human brain that hasn’t been unlocked, and that our lives would be much better if we got to know how the human brain works in real life, mbt delivers the promise of making the everyday brain tracking possible in the near future.

Mbt do this by developing and marketing cutting-edge brain research products for neuroscientific labs around the world. Having launched the first commercial mobile EEG product in 2014, and after years of work on hardware and software advancement, mbt has marketed the second generation of proprietary mobile EEG products. This is now their flagship product – Smarting PRO, which, mbt believe, represents the new standard for EEG research in any setup a researcher can imagine.

The company believes that human-machine interfaces should be designed such that they assist humans, make their lives better, and help them use the best of themselves and the world they live in. Applications are many, but just to name a few – mental health & wellness, safety at work, entertainment industry, etc.

The founders of mbt come from a scientific background, holding PhDs in biomedical engineering. They started mbt with a short-term goal to make a simple, easy, and mobile EEG device which will walk EEG experiments out of the restricted laboratory conditions; and with the long-term mission to make everyday brain tracking possible in the same way as we track our heart rate today. It took them two years to reach their first goal – in 2014 Smarting was launched with the help of a grant from The Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia.

The first market to conquer was Germany, where the founders had strong scientific contacts after their PhD studies and Academia engagements in KU Leuven Belgium. The German market has been advanced when EEG work is in question, and the new revolutionary device was warmly welcomed and further recommended to the wider European neuroscience community. The client base quickly spread across the EU, the US and China, parts of the world most active in brain research, but with the growing trend of brain research, the list of countries grows everyday – reaching to Turkey, Australia, Latin America and South Korea.

“We exist to make brain tracking a part of our everyday and help people use the best of their lives,” says the company.

Today, ten years after its foundation, mbt is in a unique position of technology know-how, with a respectable client base in about 40 countries, and the ability to close the HW-SW products loop in-house.

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