NeuroGeneces -To sleep, perchance to transform

NeuroGeneces aims to transform cognitive performance while you sleep with a wearable that can measure brain health biomarkers.

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NeuroGeneces is a neurotechnology company integrating sleep activity with neuroscience to provide non-invasive neuromodulation and brain health measurement. Established in 2016, NeuroGeneces is developing an EEG sleep wearable that measures brain health biomarkers and unleashes the brain’s natural restorative powers of sleep. The company’s core belief is that brain health is the next frontier in healthy aging, and everyone should have the opportunity to improve their brain health to live happier, healthier lives. Its non-invasive, low-cost consumer headband analyses EEG data to benchmark brain function over time against normal distribution to identify neurological changes and enable timely intervention.

NeuroGeneces’ headband incorporates machine-learning algorithms and delivers closed-loop audio stimulation to enhance the natural restorative benefits of slow-wave sleep activity to promote healthy aging with improved memory consolidation, enhanced HRV, reduced cortisol, and normalised glucose metabolism. The light-weight, flexible form factor is being designed with input from users in order to maximise consumer comfort, an important differentiator from other sleep tech headbands on the market.

NeuroGeneces co-founder Karen Crow’s mother suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and her son wrestled with a sleep disorder. As she researched both conditions, Karen learned about the role of slow-wave sleep on cognitive impairment and neurodegenerative decline. She further discovered how closed-loop audio stimulation can effectively enhance slow-wave activity to achieve targeted outcomes in memory improvement, heart rate variability (HRV) enhancement, stress resilience, and reduced neural inflammation.

Karen partnered with co-founder Jason Worchel, MD, a neuropsychiatrist and recognised expert in neurostimulation. Together they launched NeuroGeneces to develop safe, natural, and clinically proven ways to improve memory and brain health. Their mission is to enhance brain health as we age, using neurotechnology to optimise the benefits of restorative sleep.

As Karen puts it: “By the time my mother was diagnosed, the damage was done and there was very little that we could do to help her. My passion is to provide a low-cost, scalable product that each of us can employ to measure our own brain health, detect issues quickly and get timely interventions. NeuroGeneces wasn’t there in time to help my mother, but I hope it will help all of us avoid her fate.”

NeuroGeneces’ approach to the market is a unique and superior competitive solution for several reasons. Unlike most memory enhancement solutions, the company has focused on clinical research and proof of efficacy. The company has completed a pilot study with the University of New Mexico to measure the impact of audio stimulation of slow-wave activity on memory retention. Several additional studies, in early stages, will measure the impact of audio stimulation on stress resilience, mental health and glucose metabolism.

NeuroGeneces’ Brain Age application is a novel solution and represents a new product category in brain health. This diagnostic component has tight synergy with neurological therapies. The headband combines EEG and deep learning to analyse and track biomarkers for cognitive diseases, using the resulting data to better inform and target neuromodulation or other interventions. The headband delivers personalised neurological therapies based on machine-learning algorithms that provide precisely timed stimulation to maximise biological effects and targeted behavioural effects.

Additionally, NeuroGeneces has developed a novel, proprietary and growing dataset. Having a sizable proprietary database (both neurological and behavioural) with ongoing beta testing provides a distinct competitive advantage, allowing for quick iteration of algorithms to further enhance personalisation and efficacy while also creating opportunities for new insights.

NeuroGeneces has submitted a utility patent application directed to systems and methods of use for Sleep Performance and Brain Fitness for triggering audio stimulation. Additional patent filings are underway to further document and protect the company’s intellectual property.

NeuroGeneces is well-positioned for success on its work on brain health measurement and neurostimulation applications. Key drivers include world leading scientific advisors, a strong clinical partner, and support from key business networks.

NeuroGeneces’ scientific advisors from UCSF and UNM bring expertise in neuromodulation, cognitive aging and sleep and its role on cognition, mental health, cardiovascular disease, inflammation and acute stress. NeuroGeneces has a long-established partnership with the Psychology Clinical Neuroscience Center at the University of New Mexico to conduct wide-ranging clinical studies.

As a Techstars backed company, NeuroGeneces leverages the resources and community of the Techstars network with its long and deep track record of building successful companies.

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