Neurotech2020 – a clear head for neurotech, research and investment

Tomorrow’s dreams today … well, next week – it’s Neurotech2020.

Neurotech2020 – the digital congress for neurotechnology innovation and growth – is coming to (your virtual) town, so we’ve made a list, checked it twice, and here are a few highlights from the Nice List. (Spoiler Alert – there is no Naughty List.)

The interactive, two week virtual conference is hosted by Alon Braun, Co-founder of and features keynote speakers, panels, interviews, breakout sessions, networking opportunities in five programme areas:

CONSUMER TECH – 30 Nov & 01 Dec 2020
Featuring neuro-gaming, biohacking and new devices

Dave Asprey: 40 Years of Zen

Don’t miss Dave Asprey on Stress Reprogramming for Cognitive Enhancement or Ariel Garten in conversation with Alon Braun about Muse, the wearable brain sensing headband used in more than 200 research institutes and by PTSD victims, cancer sufferers and those suffering chronic pain.

Dave Rabin: Apollo Neuro

Also look out for David Rabin, the Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer of Apollo Neuroscience who is speaking about Wearables, AI, and the Future of Health – it’s not just about tracking biometrics, but about seeking to actively improve them.

RESEARCH – 02 Dec & 03 Dec 2020
Featuring neuromodulation, neuroethics and BCI

Chris Berka: Advanced Brain Monitoring

Chris Berka, the CEO and Owner of Advanced Brain Monitoring, will be exploring the future of the electroencephalogram (EEG), reporting on her vision into the Future Solutions to Neurodegenerative Disease.

Codi Gharagouzloo: Imaginostics

Another must-see is Codi Gharagouzloo, the CEO: Imaginostics, a company that uses breakthrough quantitative imaging biomarkers to provide new insight in health and disease. He’ll be speaking on quantitative neuroimaging biomarkers for precision medicine.

Javier Minguez: Bitbrain

A neural buzzword is BCI – brain-computer interface. Javier Minguez, the Co-founder and CSO of Bitbrain will reveal how to drive brain-computer interface research to society.

CLINICAL – 04 Dec & 07 Dec 2020
Featuring neuroceuticals, electroceuticals and next-generation psychiatry

Kelly Owens: The Feinstein Institute
Northwell Health

Director of Education and Outreach at The Feinstein Institute & Northwell Health, Kelly Owens, will present on vagal implants. Originally used to treat seizures when seizure drugs are not effective and surgery is not possible, hacking the human nervous system to correct faulty electrical communication by stimulating the vagus nerve is being trialled for other diseases.

Kelly is one of 16 Crohn’s sufferers who have enrolled in an experimental trial in Europe which uses electrical stimulation from a vagal implant in an attempt to improve their debilitating symptoms.

Nathan Copeland: Neurotechnology Consultant

Another presenter with direct neurotech experience is Nathan Copeland, a neurotechnology consultant who is part of a brain computer interface study through the University of Pittsburgh. Nathan was paralysed from the chest down as a result of a car accident in 2004. Now a self-styled “real cyborg”, he is proficient at controlling robots with his mind.

LONGEVITY – 02 Dec & 03 Dec 2020
Featuring neurological biomarkers, neuroprotection and machine learning

Curated by your very own Longevity.Technology team, this is a packed programme. Don’t miss Uri Ashery on the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) in Alzheimer’s disease or Joe Geraci demoing Netramark’s unique interactive AI platform for R&D acceleration.

NetraMark CEO
Joe Geraci: Netramark

Rohit Talwar will discuss Mainstreaming the Longevity Marketplace, biomedical gerentologist Marios Kyriazis will argue that cognitive hormesis reduces age-related degeneration.

Dan Rizzuto: Nia Therapeutics

Dan Rizzuto of Nia Therapeutics will discuss improving human memory using safe, secure neurotechnology. Stefan Chmelik, inventor of the Sensate device and app, which helps users manage stress and improve sleep and concentration, will Q&A with our own Editor-in-Chief, Phil Newman.

Richard Siow: Director of Ageing Research at King’s College London

We also welcome Longevity motivator Richard Siow, Director of Ageing Research at King’s College London and David Wood, futurist and singularitarian, as well as many other leaders in the Longevity field.

INVESTMENT – 02 Dec & 03 Dec 2020
Featuring neurotech IPOs/success stories and a day of start-up pitches

Margaretta Colangelo: Co-founder & CEO of Jthereum

The investment programme features Margaretta Colangelo as moderator and among the speakers will be Sergey Young, Founder of the Longevity Vision Fund, on Why Longevity is a Trillion Dollar Opportunity and Tim Mullen, CEO & Research Director of Intheon on Past, Present and Future Brain-Computer Interface Technologies.

Sergey Young, the founder of the $100M Longevity Vision Fund, who joined us on Longevity2020 TV to reflect on investing in the Longevity sector
Sergey Young,: Founder of the Longevity Vision Fund

Bruce Barclay, Partner at Axon Capital Partners, will present on Investment in Brain Health for Longevity and Hagit Alon, Chief Scientist at Joy Ventures, will argue that academia is the engine for new venture creation in the neurotech space.

Adam Sefler: Co-Founder & President, NeuroTechX

On Day Two, Adam Sefler, the Co-founder of NeurotechX, will moderate a Start-up & Scale-up Slam, featuring a range of pitches from some exciting new companies, including Bionic Vision Technologies, Mindlayer and BRAINFY.

We’re psyched for Neurotech2020 – find out more and grab your free ticket, or all-access VIP pass HERE.