Neurotech2020: It’s a brave new world

It’s an online conference, but not as you know it. Say goodbye to Zoom fatigue and hello to Neurotech2020.

Understanding the brain, consciousness and thought processes; protect them from the ravages of aging, age-related diseases and maybe even death. We’re working with our friends at to assemble the finest minds to share and discuss (and brainstorm) the neurotech state of play and what’s coming next.

Longevity.Technology: When you do something that’s incredibly full-on, there’s a period afterwards when you think: “Never again!”.  However, a couple of months later you remember the buzz, the energy, how much everyone got out of it, and you have a brainwave: “Actually, that was fab … we should do it again, but switch-it-up.”

Well, with Longevity2021 firmly in next year, we are delighted to announce Neurotech2020: a series of presentations, round tables, live demos and after hours events that put neurotech front and centre. Coffee? Make mine a double … it’s running over 2 weeks (yep).

The Longevity.Technology team has joined forces with Alon Braun, a business architect, who is skilled at helping ideas grow into products, something that is vital in the Longevity and Neurotech sectors. Together with Dmitry Kaminskiy, he founded and Braun is clear on the importance of neurotech and its ability “to bring big money into Longevity.”

Running over a two-week period from 30 November – 11 December Neurotech2020 will take the format of online lab demos and presentations, with opportunities to network with the speakers in breakout sessions.

Dave Asprey: he’ll be there talking 40 Years of Zen

Our stellar line-up of speakers already includes Dave Asprey, Sergey Young, Max Newlon of BrainCo, and Shawn Watson of Senescence Life Sciences with more big-hitters being added all the time.

During Neurotech2020, leaders from around the world will address these key neurotech growth subjects:

Consumer tech

Consumer Tech – launching on Cyber Monday
Neuro-gaming, biohacking and new devices, wearables, surface stimulation, bio-feedback, HRV/EMG, nootropics, neurofeedback, EEG.

Neuroimaging, treatments for Alzheimer’s and cognitive disorders, conquering paralysis, neuromodulation, neuroethics, BCI (brain computer interfaces).


Neuroceuticals, electroceuticals, GABA, dopamine, serotonin, behavioural neuropharmacology, new modalities in epilepsy, next-generation psychiatry, spinal cord stimulation.


Neurological biomarkers, cognitive assessment, overcoming the obstacles of brain-computer interfacing, diagnostic medicine, singularity, neuroprotection, ethical analysis, neuroethics and the social impact of brain machine interface, neuroprosthetics, the role of machine learning, neuroergonomics – neurotech for every day.


Start-up pitch events, investment sessions, surviving the times, investor panel and start ups, neurotech IPOs/success stories, industry, industry groups.

“As we are shaping this conference, we are looking for speakers that have interesting technologies or new visions and bringing a variety of different perspectives together,” says Braun. “Neurotech is how we change humanity, how we improve humanity. All the things that I’m seeing as we plan it out – it will blow your mind!”
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