Neurowyzr bags additional $2.1m to advance brain health tech

Singapore-based health tech startup Neurowyzr has successfully raised an additional $2.1 million in an oversubscribed seed funding round. The company is developing advanced solutions for early brain decline, leveraging the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience to optimize brain health and performance.

The new funding round, which brings the total raised by the company to $3.3 million, was jointly led by Jungle Ventures and Peak XV’s Surge. The funds will be channeled towards accelerating product development and initiating the next phase of the company’s expansion in Southeast Asia and India.

In line with the World Health Organisation’s call for increased research into clinical tools for measuring brain health, Neurowyzr is focused on addressing early brain decline, a stage where timely detection and intervention can significantly impact preventing further deterioration.

“Brain decline is a potentially debilitating condition that strikes fear in many people, and brings immense cost on families and societies,” said Pang Sze Yunn, CEO of Neurowyzr. “Neurowyzr aims to address the unmet needs of people to protect their brain health. We are grateful for the trust that our investors have shown in us, and are excited that the partnership will enable us to make brain health accessible and affordable.”

The company’s lead product is a digital neuroscience assessment designed to substantially reduce the time and financial burden associated with traditional cognitive testing. In Singapore, the product is already available at numerous health screening centers, general practitioner clinics, community care facilities, and specialist centers.

“Projected numbers tell a stark story for Asia: over the next two decades, more than 66 million individuals could face dementia, while Mild Cognitive Impairment could affect over 400 million,” said Seemant Jauhari, partner at Jungle Ventures. “Neurowyzr is a direct response to this challenge. By assessing brain and mental health promptly, we’re building a proactive defence against a potential epidemic. This Singapore-born solution carries a global impact.”

Established in 2019 by Nav Vij and Pang Sze Yunn, Neurowyzr boasts a scientific advisory team comprising Dr Prem Pillay, Director of the Singapore Brain Nerve Spine Centre, and Professor N Kandiah, Director of the Dementia Research Center at Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Photograph: AmnajKhetsamtip/Envato