New longevity app focuses on building healthy aging habits

Targeting both consumers and doctors, Reboot Your Age aims to “inform and inspire” users to lower their biological age and achieve healthy longevity.

The Great Age Reboot, the latest book from best-selling author Michael Roizen, MD, hits the shelves today. Dr Roizen is also behind today’s introduction of a new app called Reboot Your Age, delivering a personalised lifestyle programme designed to help users “build healthy habits that make their physiological age younger than their calendar age.” Interestingly, in addition to attracting longevity-conscious consumers, the Reboot Your Age app is also intended to engage physicians interested in helping their patients age healthier.

Longevity.Technology: We spoke to Roizen earlier this year about his new book, but the emeritus chief wellness officer of the renowned Cleveland Clinic has clearly been doing a lot more than just writing! With the new app, the principles covered in The Great Age Reboot have been translated into an interactive, personalised programme for the digital age. And Roizen has enlisted some serious help to get it done – the team behind the Reboot Your Age app includes Silicon Valley veteran Corey Bridges, one of the founding team members at Netflix, and founder of mobile health technology company LifeMap Solutions. We caught up with Bridges to learn more about the new app.

To develop the app, Roizen founded a company called Great Age Reboot, Inc, which has analysed more than 50,000 scientific studies over the past two years to generate the algorithms behind Reboot Your Age. Drawing on data collected from sources like Apple Health and Google Fit, the app delivers its personalised programmes through a mix of activities that promote healthy habit-building, alongside educational content, like short videos and articles, and gamification features, like brain games, leaderboards and quizzes.

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“It’s my life’s mission to help people reboot their ages, so they have the ability to do what they love for longer,” said Roizen, formerly Chief Medical Consultant to the Dr Oz TV show. “There are 14 areas of medical breakthroughs and scientific discoveries that have a substantial chance of becoming reality in the next 10 years, and these advancements will extend disability-free life spans by as much as 30 years.

“Ninety is likely to be the new 40. We must start living younger now. Adopting healthy habits in the areas of nutrition and dietary supplements, physical activity, sleep, stress management, and brain health is critical to making your biological age younger than your calendar age.”

Dr Michael Roizen, emeritus chief wellness officer of the Cleveland Clinic and author of The Great Age Reboot

Building healthy longevity habits

Subscriptions to the Reboot app cost $34.95 per month or $299.95 annually, although users can get started with a free 10-day trial. All users receive a 30-minute onboarding session to get the ball rolling.

Commenting on the pricing, Bridges, CEO of Great Age Reboot, tells us, “Reboot Your Age is more than an app. It’s a premium longevity programme that is based on the latest scientific findings around aging. It’s a holistic programme that incorporates nutrition, physical activity, stress management, sleep, and brain health to give users a comprehensive approach to building healthy habits now so they can do what they love for longer.”

Corey Bridges, CEO of Great Age Reboot, Inc
Corey Bridges, CEO of Great Age Reboot, Inc

With many health tracking apps already on the market, Bridges is keen to point out that Reboot Your Age is not trying to displace any of the category leaders and is focused on the broader ideas of healthy aging and longevity.

“We’re not going to be better at helping people track their running than RunKeeper, and we’re not going to be better at cognitive health than BrainHQ,” he says. “We take a broader view; it has to be more holistic – you don’t increase your longevity by changing one thing, you have all of these different things affecting you. We take a longevity lens and run all the guidance that we give through that.”

Informing on the science of longevity

The app’s focus on both individuals and physicians is perhaps no great surprise, given that Roizen himself is a medical doctor, and Bridges comes fresh from developing mobile health technologies at LifeMap.

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“Reboot Your Age is raising the bar for how people will age and how health care practitioners will engage with their patients,” says Bridges. “This launch signals a new way of how, when, and where people seek longevity information, and we are excited to disrupt how people think about aging and prepare for their future self.”

One mission of the Reboot app is to inform users and physicians alike about the science behind longevity.

“We have a Scientific Advisory Board of world-class doctors, and every two weeks they review these reference documents called Reboot Reviews,” says Bridges. “Each Reboot Review is on a specific topic and is a collation of the research and studies and science, distilled into these documents which are geared towards doctors.

“Take the popular supplement CoQ10 for example. We’ll say, here’s what it is, here’s when you use it, here’s some concrete indications, and here’s our recommendation – always based on hard science.”

With forthcoming updates already planned for Reboot Your Age, Bridges says that users can expect to see “an increasing amount of AI-driven analysis of your progress, based on rigorous science. You’ll also see the calculation of your Reboot Age, based on the progress you make.”

In active pilots with physicians

App users can initiate the programme through their physician or find a participating physician on the Great Age Reboot website.

“Our current business model involves direct-to-consumer and the health care practitioner channels,” says Bridges. “We’re targeting patients who already have a physician overseeing their care as well as consumers who want to reboot their age, but they don’t have a physician to help guide their journey… We’re not prescribing, we’re not diagnosing, but we do recommend that you get a physician to oversee your journey.

“We are in active pilots right now with physician practices, including a network of concierge physicians and senior living communities. It’s too early to share specifics but reaching physicians through network organizations is a part of our roadmap.”

For consumers who want to be matched to a health care practitioner via telehealth, Bridges tells us that Reboot has established a partnership with Revive, a virtual health care and medication service provider that has an established network of nurse practitioners.

Photographs – Great Age Reboot, Inc