New movie spotlights longevity and antiaging promise

Roll camera – longevity is stepping into the limelight. We find out more about Longevity Hackers.

Last week we brought you the exciting trailer for Longevity Hackers, a brand-new documentary film that is set to hit the big screen next year (and if you haven’t seen it, just scroll down!). The movie is set to catapult the antiaging discussion and therapy debate into the mainstream and is bound to be a must-see for our audience.

Longevity.Technology: Longevity research is moving at a swift pace, but education about what’s going on in the antiaging world lags behind. It’s time to change that. By documenting the latest research and science breakthroughs in the field of radical healthy life extension, and hearing from some of the key opinion leaders in the field, from scientists to start-up CEOs, the movie aims to open the eyes of the world to the exciting possibilities of extending lifespan and improving healthspan. 

Longevity Hackers has longevity backers, namely LongevityTech.Fund, and is co-produced by Ruben Figueres, a successful entrepreneur and experienced president with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry, and is directed by Michal Siewierski, an Emmy-nominated TV producer, Netflix-featured documentary filmmaker who has over 15 years of experience under his belt. The smell of the greasepaint and the roar of the crowd could not be resisted, so Longevity.Technology unrolled the red carpet and sat down with Figueres and Siewierski to find out more.

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The movie may have its roots in science, but the ethos for Figueres and Siewierski is bringing longevity to the mainstream and having a universal appeal.

“I have been passionate about the longevity field for decades, ever since an old movie called The Immortalists sparked my interest nearly a decade ago,” explains Siewierski. “I’ve been following the advances in longevity science ever since.” Early last year Siewierski realised that longevity and life extension were the next steps the the health and wellness industry would take. “The more I read and the more I discovered, I knew it would revolutionize this space,” he says. “And I also noticed there weren’t many films about the topic and the existing ones were outdated.”

Siewierski resolved to cover the longevity and its industry in an effective way, deciding to create a mainstream, exciting, high production value documentary film that would give the viewer a bird’s eye view on the longevity field and include the latest advances in today’s science.

“I wanted to showcase the exciting predictions for the future, as well as things that people can do now to help them increase their chances of living long enough to take advantage of the amazing longevity science breakthroughs that are coming in the near future. My goal is to entertain and educate the viewer about longevity science through a mix of exciting interviews, amazing 3D animations and motion graphics combined with a custom high end music soundtrack and fast paced dynamic editing.”

As a big fan of the scientists, researchers and investors in the longevity space, Siewierski wanted to create a film that would help increase the awareness of the general public about the exciting work that is happening and help give the longevity space exposure to a wide global audience. After all, as he puts it, if those researching and supporting longevity succeed, then everyone will benefit from it.

“Knowledge is empowering,” Siewierski enthuses. “Imagine giving people the chance to live longer, live better, and then later on, there is even more cutting-edge technology developed to extend their life again. We’re on an amazing journey, and I really want to be able to share that with our audience.”

Interviewing top scientists such as Bill Andrews really demonstrated to Siewierski and Figueres that there is a huge need for funding in the antiaging industry.

“Lack of funding is a real obstacle to longevity research,” explains Siewierski. “Sure, a few billionaires make headlines, but there isn’t really that much money to go round, and governments aren’t investing. We want to help promote the field and generate awareness – we’re pitching in to do our part to help the industry.”

Although Siewierski and Figueres are totally focused on the film, they are mindful of the growing interesting in antiaging opportunities, and, once the film is released, will be keen to continue the conversation with their viewers and investors through educational products, technology and conferences. And a follow-up film that will explore how some of the new technology has become embedded in our everyday lives, and what new research is happening.

“Our investors will be able to shape that vision and help us grow the Longevity Hacker brand,” explains Figueres.

The expected release date of Longevity Hackers is May 2022, through Gravitas Ventures, one of the largest film distributors in the US. “This means we can consider all the key streaming platforms, Cable TV, pay per view, and deals with different networks in over 60 countries,” Figueres says. “Releasing the film in multiple languages will also lead to a better return, as well as getting our message out to as wide an audience as possible.”

Images courtesy of Longevity Hackers