New webinar will explore the opportunity of ovarian longevity

What does delaying menopause mean in terms of investment activity, societal change and the technologies that will reshape the lives of multiple millions of women around the world? Join us to find out!

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Recently, we launched our report on ovarian aging, setting our vision for a future with greater investment and research into science and technology to extend fertility and delay menopause.

Now we are amplifying that message and exploring what it will mean in terms of opportunity with a free webinar featuring Dr Dina Radenkovic, Partner at the SALT Bio Fund & Chief Scientific Officer of HOOKE, Dr Lindsay Wu, Senior Research Fellow, Laboratory for Ageing Research at UNSW Sydney and our own Scientific Editor and report author Daragh Campbell.

New webinar will explore the opportunity of ovarian longevity_Dr Lindsay Wu_Daragh Campbell_Dr Dina Radenkovic
Longevity.Technology: Delaying menopause, extending fertility and improving healthspan for women are clearly Good Things, but we should be aware that there are also opportunities to be explored and developments to be leveraged – a win-win.

Dina Radenkovic is a medical doctor, bioinformatics researcher and healthcare entrepreneur. Her current roles as a Partner at the SALT Bio Fund and Chief Scientific Officer at HOOKE allow her to use her passion to help build companies that develop new science and technology that have the aim of improving health and longevity.

Her research at HOOKE and at the Buck Institute is focused on standardising all novel surrogate biomarkers of aging and interventions that can help people live longer, happier and healthier lives by compressing morbidity and increasing life expectancy.

Dina is passionate about mitigating ovarian aging; she recently tweeted: “For #WorldMenopauseDay we decided we do NOT want to go through menopause and want to enable women to option to have their ovaries age at the same rate as the rest of their organs in the body. That is real gender equality.”

Lindsay Wu is an RD Wright Biomedical Fellow of the NHMRC and runs the Laboratory for Ageing Research at UNSW Australia. This lab is devoted to understanding the underlying basic science of biological ageing and developing therapeutic strategies to intervene in this process.

The lab is particularly interested in metabolic reprogramming during old age, and its role in fertility, mitochondrial dysfunction, cellular senescence and cancer. The lab uses high-end imaging systems, high-throughput drug discovery and medicinal chemistry to understand and develop new therapies to treat diseases of biological aging.

Daragh Campbell holds a BSc in Genetics and an MSc in Medical Genetics from the University of Glasgow; she spent two years working as a Research Assistant in an industrial setting, focusing on the development of CAR-T immunotherapies. During this time, she authored multiple product development plans and product data reports whilst undertaking experiments assessing the safety and efficacy of the product.

Our unique online webinar on ovarian longevity will dig into the opportunity behind the current research and the lie of the current landscape.

Date: Tuesday 26th October 2021
Time: 8am Pacific / 11am Eastern / 4pm UK / 5pm CET
Location: Zoom

Longevity.Technology Scientific Editor and report author Daragh Campbell became interested in ovarian aging after covering a research paper on the impact of melatonin on ovarian aging pathways. What hit her the most was after years of biological research, and as a woman, she had no idea about the process of ovarian aging.

After doing more digging into the topic she discovered that the science and research into ovarian aging has grown massively in the past 5 years. She believes that the discoveries being made all over the world on the topic need to be met with interest from those that can take the science and translate it into safe and effective products.

“Targeting ovarian aging will not only help women – many are carers, nurses, doctors and mothers and they influence the healthcare behaviours of everyone else,” says Campbell. “If you get it right for women, you get it right for everyone.”

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