Next events being announced here

Building on the success of Longevity 2020, we have more events coming your way…

Keep your diary handy! We have a host of not-to-be-missed conferences in the pipeline. We will be announcing the dates them via our newsletter, subscribe here
International Standards for Biomarkers

The need for consensus – DNA methylation, clocks and AI – what is the roadmap? Help us shape it as we move towards a framework for an agreed set of international standards for biomarkers.

Geroprotectors and lessons for Longevity
Repurposing known geroprotectors, what lessons can we learn from COVID-19?
Longevity from Singularity

Can consciousness be uploaded to the cloud and should it? Can Longevity be achieved in non-corporeal form and what benefits will we see while we are still making that journey?
Under embargo – but very exciting!

We can’t tell you exactly what this will be, yet, but watch this space!
Events will follow a variety of formats, including:

  • Expert presentations;
  • Ask Me Anything sessions;
  • Fireside chats with opinion leaders;
  • Working groups on research projects;
  • Panel discussions on key subjects.