NMN Bio and Aster Pharmacy unite to bring antiaging supplements to UAE market

Partnership aims to set a new standard for health and wellness in the United Arab Emirates.

NMN Bio and Aster Pharmacy have joined forces to become the first partnership to sell the antiaging supplement NMN in retail stores in the UAE.

Partnering with Aster is a savvy choice for NMN Bio; a household name in the UAE, and the leading pharmacy chain in the Gulf Cooperation Council  (GCC), Aster has more than 250 pharmacies, offering curative, nutritive, lifestyle and wellness products, and has also launched UAE’s first online pharmacy,

NMN Bio’s NMN product is the first and only registered NMN that customers can buy in Dubai and other major locations in the United Arab Emirates, and customers across the UAE will now be able to purchase NMN Bio supplements in Aster Pharmacy stores and through the pharmacy’s online platform – which offers delivery in 90 minutes across the country

Longevity.Technology: Since its launch in 2020, NMN Bio has seen impressive growth, primarily through its ecommerce stores, which ship antiaging supplements to more than 70 countries; the company cites the quality and efficiency of its products as the reason for its success, adding that because its products are optimised for bioavailability, absorption and efficiency, they are able to attenuate various hallmarks of aging, as well as enhancing the daily energy levels, insulin sensitivity, mitochondrial function and cellular health of those taking the supplements.

As well as offering a range of longevity and wellness resources on its website, NMN Bio has just launched a mobile app for Android and IOS, that offers well-being tracking through monthly self assessment, intermittent fasting tracker, &c. 

It is an exciting time for NMN Bio has it expands its operations in the Middle East, has two additional products currently in registration to hit the UAE market by the end of the year and is about to launch their new, proprietary product later in 2023.

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However, NMN has been in the headlines over the last few months for different reasons, as back in November, the FDA ruled that the popular longevity supplement could no longer be sold as a dietary supplement in the US. Since then Amazon US has withdrawn products that do not display National Drug Code (NDC) and in March, the Natural Products Association (NPA) and Alliance for Natural Health USA, urged the FDA to reverse its decision, filing a citizen petition with the organization. 

NMN Bio’s founder Dr Elena Seranova is closely involved with the company’s R&D, and she makes the point that the FDA said that NMN cannot be sold as a dietary supplement in the US, due to its being investigated as a drug in a clinical trial.

NMN Bio and Aster Pharmacy unite to bring antiaging supplements to UAE market
Dr Elena Seranova

“The most important thing for consumers to keep in mind though, is probably the fact that there were never safety concerns around NMN, if anything, it’s too efficient!” she explains.

“Just like with NAC, I believe that there is a chance the FDA will reverse its decision on NMN, as it is a natural compound, it is present in the food chain, and the current form of NMN being investigated in a clinical trial is a modified molecule, not the generic type of NMN anyway.”

Stay tuned for an interview with Dr Elena Seranova in which we find out about NMN Bio’s new, proprietary product which will be launched later this year.

Photographs: NMN Bio