NOVOS expands supplements line with longevity-focused chew

Something to chew on – with a seven-ingredient blend for organ function, NOVOS Vital aims to foster improved longevity.

NOVOS, a longevity supplements company focused on promoting healthy aging and extending the human lifespan, has announced the expansion of its product line with the launch of NOVOS Vital, a supplement chew scientifically formulated with an ingredient blend intended to support and optimize essential organ functions that decline with age.

Longevity.Technology: It would seem that every day is a chews-day. NOVOS has formulated its daily chews to enhance cognitive functions, promote cardiovascular health, contribute to healthy eye aging, support metabolic and essential gut functions and aid in muscle strength and mobility. Vital has also been designed to complement NOVOS Core – the company’s flagship product which aims to slow down the pace of aging by tackling the 12 root causes of aging.

While Vital can be taken on its own, NOVOS recommends the chews be combined with NOVOS Core and NOVOS Boost for the most comprehensive combination of longevity effects both short and long-term.

It’s proving to be a busy year for NOVOS – last month the longevity supplements company launched an official collaboration with LA-based influential health retailer Erewhon which now carries NOVOS’ formulations, and CEO and founder Chris Mirabile told us that the company is working on additional educational and technological resources that will help everyone – whether a customer of NOVOS or not – to maximize their healthspan and lifespan. 

Third party tested and supported by 67 peer-reviewed research papers, NOVOS Vital contains a key blend of seven ingredients. These are:

  • Trehalose – enhances cognitive function by aiding in the removal of harmful proteins associated with neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Acetic acid via Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) – supports cardiovascular health by helping maintain healthy cholesterol and fasting glucose levels.
  • Nattokinase – supports cognitive functions by protecting against oxidative stress and inflammation.
  • Rutin – aids in muscular health by enhancing strength, mobility, and exercise recovery, while also reducing oxidative stress in muscles.
  • Lutein – supports vision by protecting the retina from oxidative stress, and filtering harmful blue light.
  • Zeaxanthin – supports vision by protecting the retina by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation.
  • Inulin – supports metabolic health by increasing insulin sensitivity and improving glucose tolerance and cholesterol levels.

As well as demonstrating efficacy through scientific evidence, NOVOS also points to the success stories of its customers, like Julie Gibson Clark, who has ranked second on the Rejuvenation Olympics’ global longevity leaderboard.

Dr Robert Lufkin, Professor of Radiology at the USC School of Medicine, and NOVOS medical advisor said he feels it is the science-backed formulations that set NOVOS apart in the longevity supplements space.

“Optimization of our physiological function throughout the lifespan is critical for longevity, and our essential organ system is central to that,” he explained. “Organ functions decline with age, but science-based formulations like this can help elevate the performance of our six essential organ systems in a major way that keeps us feeling younger, longer.”

“Everything we do at NOVOS is in support of accessible, enhanced longevity for everyday people,” said Chris Mirabile, NOVOS Founder and CEO. “The proof is in our research and results, published for all to see because visibility is core to our identity as a true longevity company in a world of anti-aging smoke and mirrors. By supporting healthy organ function we’re supporting longer, healthier lives with a supplement that works and tastes good too – an added bonus for those of us that crave a sweet treat after a meal.”

Ahead of the longevity curve – with papers demonstrating that NOVOS protects against DNA damage and senescence, founder Chris Mirabile discusses the findings.
NOVOS’ CEO and founder Chris Mirabile

Longevity.Technology spoke to Chris Mirabile to find out more about Vital and its formulation, and how it sits in the NOVOS product line-up.

Mirabile explains that Core is exactly that – a core product that is focused on “the underlying causes of aging from a cellular level”.

“NOVOS Core was the first formula ever conceived to address the 12 biological mechanisms of aging,” he says. “We have a growing body of evidence for this formulation, from the scientific lab, to case studies, to real world people achieving amazing biological paces of aging.”

Core is complemented by NOVOS boost – again, the clue is in the name, and Boost acts as a booster to Core, and while not as powerful a formula as Core or Vital, it nonetheless contains the popular NAD+ precursor NMN.

Mirabile says that NOVOS Vital takes the NOVOS product line a step further by focusing on organs that decline with age, and providing them with additional assistance via specific ingredients that have unique characteristics that support these organs.

“If Core is taking a microscopic cellular approach, Vital is taking a macroscopic organ approach,” he explains, adding that Vital specifically targets the brain, eyes, heart and blood vessels, liver, kidneys, gut, and muscles.

Vital has seven new ingredients that aren’t in Core, and we were keen to find out how the formulation had been arrived at.

“We considered many ingredients for NOVOS Vital before arriving at this final formulation,” Mirabile told us. “For example, we had spent more than a year researching and prototyping a product containing spermidine, but we ultimately decided against it because we were not convinced by the scientific literature that it is absorbed orally by humans. After considerable time and financial expense, we went back to the drawing board, focusing only on well-proven ingredients.”

NOVOS designs its products with the belief that the whole should outweigh the sum of its parts – that a synergistic effect can be a powerful longevity bonus. Mirabile explains that whereas Core’s synergies are based on mechanisms of aging and specific biological pathways, NOVOS Vital’s synergies are exhibited across organ systems.

“For example, improvements in microbiome diversity not only improves gut health, but as many as nine gut-organ axes,” he says. “These include organs we specifically target with the formula (liver, kidney, heart, muscle, and brain) as well as those we don’t (skin, bone, adipose, and lung). Improvements in muscle health may also benefit our most critical muscle that we target: the heart. Improving heart health and circulation may, in the long term, improve the health of all other organs that we target.”

And differentiated targeting is also something that helps Core and Vital complement each other. The supplements address aging from two perspectives, with Core targeting the microscopic, cellular mechanisms of aging that impact all organs and the overall aging process, and for Vital acting via ingredients that are found to provide powerful benefits to specific organs that decline with age.

Mirabile illustrates this with the expample of nattokinase, which has a unique ability to dissolve blood clots, in turn, improving blood vessel structure and blood flow, and reducing blood pressure (as well as being of benefit to the brain, eyes and microbiome).

“These types of properties of the Vital ingredients are additive to Core’s mechanism of aging approach,” Mirabile explains. “Overall, NOVOS Vital’s seven active ingredients target seven distinct organ systems synergistically, where each ingredient can have a positive effect on more than one organ.”

Photographs courtesy of NOVOS