NOVOS launches free AI-based biological age test

New test available in NOVOS Life app boasts personalized features, including Lifestyle score, recommendations and AI chat guidance.

NOVOS has today announced the launch of a free, peer-reviewed Biological Age test. The longevity solutions provider claims the AI-based test is the “most accurate, questionnaire-based biological age clock available to date, outperforming most blood-based tests”. The clock is trained using XAI methods (explainable artificial intelligence) and based on health and lifestyle data from over 47,000 people aged 18-80+.

NOVOS’ free Biological Age test is available in NOVOS Life, the company’s first, free mobile app; users complete the lifestyle survey at sign up to get started, and will also gain access to an actionable longevity guide with personalized lifestyle recommendations and daily actions that aim to extend their healthspan and decrease their biological age, based on the latest longevity research.

Longevity.Technology: NOVOS has been an advocate of longevity education, and providing educational resources to its audiences has been a key feature of its masterplan. As well as keeping the public informed with comprehensive resources that aims to educate and inform about healthy lifestyle choices for longevity, its website links to 5000+ longevity-relevant scientific studies behind the ingredients in its supplement formulations. The company also offers a free AI-powered facial age test.

NOVOS’ free AI-based biological age test is another step in the right direction for longevity; by increasing awareness of easy changes we can all make in our lifestyles to boost not just lifespan, but healthspan as well. Understanding and addressing biological age will encourage a more proactive, preventive outlook on health, and apps like NOVOS’ can help to empower individuals to make informed decisions that can lead to a higher quality of life as they age. This shift from reactive to preventive healthcare involves focusing on early detection, personalized wellness strategies, and promoting daily habits that support long-term health. Education and innovation are the way to foster a culture where longevity is not just about living longer, but living better, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

The test and supporting features allow individuals to better understand the factors that impact the aging process and make informed decisions that slow down their biological clock and improve long-term health. By removing common barriers to these services that often require high-cost, blood-based tests, NOVOS aims to make adopting a longevity lifestyle easy and accessible to people in a way others haven’t to date.

A biological age lower than one’s chronological age indicates a healthier state, whereas a higher biological age suggests an increased risk of age-related diseases and the need for certain lifestyle adjustments. For both, there are always opportunities for further improvement, and NOVOS is confident NOVOS Life can helps to identify.

In addition to the Biological Age test, the following NOVOS Life features further guide users on their lifelong journey to healthy aging:

  • Longevity Profile: Users complete a questionnaire that explores their daily habits, health practices, diet and more.
  • Lifestyle Score: A score is then calculated out of 100 and reflects how well-aligned the user’s lifestyle is to longevity based on the latest scientific insights.
  • Community Ranking: Users can compare their longevity with their community and others more broadly using a percentile-based approach; this aims to create an insightful way to gauge progress and engage in shared longevity journeys.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Specific suggestions to enhance health and fill key gaps based on questionnaire results. These could include reducing sedentary activity or boosting omega-3 intake. Each recommendation cites supporting scientific article(s).
  • Daily Actions: Making the recommendations actionable, such as purchasing a standing desk or setting a reminder to stand for two minutes hourly – users can customize actions to what works best for them.
  • AI Chat: Trained by NOVOS to answer general longevity questions from best diet to suggested exercises. Future iterations will offer proactive support.
Ahead of the longevity curve – with papers demonstrating that NOVOS protects against DNA damage and senescence, founder Chris Mirabile discusses the findings.
NOVOS CEO and founder Chris Mirabile

“The longevity movement has gained traction among enthusiasts, but the real, daily practice of it is still too gatekept,” said Chris Mirabile, Founder and CEO of NOVOS. “As a Public Benefit Corporation, we want to give people free tools that they can use to live healthier for longer. Everyone deserves to know their biological age and how certain lifestyle changes can slow it. While the process can feel overwhelming, NOVOS Life makes it simple to make immediate improvements based on scientific recommendations people can trust.”

The test is powered by ENABL Age, a novel algorithm and epigenetic clock built by longevity experts Drs Su-In Lee and Matt Kaeberlein [1]. Combining ML models with XAI methods, the algorithm can produce accurate biological age outputs and predict age-related outcomes based on a questionnaire about one’s lifestyle and health behaviors.

“ENABL Age represents progress in the longevity field, applying AI to better understand aging and notably, in estimating it accurately for specific individuals,” said Diogo Barardo, PhD, Director of R&D at NOVOS. “By offering a consumer-facing, actionable version of the ENABL Age algorithm, NOVOS is advancing the practical application of biological age clocks.”

Co-author and longevity researcher, Matt Kaeberlein, said “I appreciate that NOVOS continues making a legitimate effort to further the field with scientifically valid approaches, and is making longevity accessible to the masses by promoting free lifestyle interventions that all of us can adopt.”

NOVOS also offers a for-purchase blood-based test, NOVOS Age, which leverages the third-generation, and most accurate, DunedinPACE clock for those ready to dive deeper into the science as well as a suite of longevity supplements designed to help slow the pace of aging.

Photographs courtesy of NOVOS.