NOVOS’ Longevity nutraceutical: from stealth to market in 4 weeks

A new Longevity supplement player has arrived on the scene and will be tackling multiple mechanisms of aging with one nutraceutical within the next 4 weeks.

NOVOS is a start-up company aiming to provide consumers with science-based nutraceuticals that harness the latest innovations and discoveries in the life extension and Longevity space.

When co-founders Chris Mirabile and Dr Kris Verburgh met at a Longevity conference in Berlin they were not only struck by their similar interests in aging and health, but also by a common grievance: the lack of good, science-based supplements to address aging.

We spoke with NOVOS’ founders Chris Mirabile and Kris Verburgh to explore how their foundation product ‘NOVOS Core’ differs from what is currently available on the market and how the company hopes to set itself apart from its competitors.

Longevity.Technology: Nutraceuticals are expected to play a central role in preventative healthcare and, in turn, extend healthspan and increase human Longevity. Evidence suggests that nutraceuticals possess multiple pharmacological benefits which could help prevent or treat disease. As supplements avoid the strict approval processes required for drug development, the market is currently saturated with a multitude of generic supplements with little or no evidence base to prove efficacy. As the market of nutraceutical supplements expands, the science and efficacy behind the nutraceutical ingredients will become more important to prove in terms of marketing and for consumer benefit. 

NOVOS Core, set to launch in mid-January 2021 (initially in the US) is a “mix-and-drink” nutraceutical powder containing a patent-pending, 12 ingredient FDA-approved formulation, which will act synergistically to slow down aging.

Ingredients, which include fisetin, pterostilbene, micro-dosed lithium and calcium alpha-ketoglutarate, were selected only if they had demonstrated an impact on specific aging mechanisms, such as protein accumulation, a dysregulated epigenome, or senescent cells, and extended lifespan, preferably in multiple unrelated species.

Verburgh believes this contrasts with other supplement company offerings that base themselves on “outdated” insights into aging, like the notion that antioxidants can slow the aging process or that minerals and herbs can extend lifespan.

NOVOS’ CEO Chris Mirabile hopes that NOVOS core will become the first nutraceutical to target multiple aging mechanisms in one product.

With this formula, NOVOS’ CEO Chris Mirabile hopes that NOVOS core will become the first nutraceutical to target multiple aging mechanisms in one product. “We are also different in the sense that we target multiple aging mechanisms, specifically the nine classical hallmarks of aging, such as epigenetic dysregulation, protein accumulation, senescent cells, mitochondrial dysfunction and so on,” says Mirabile, alluding to the fact they are set to compete with other companies in the nutraceutical Longevity industry currently only focusing on one hallmark, such as the NAD pathway in mitochondrial dysfunction.

“The longevity pill of the future is not going to contain one substance. It will contain many ingredients that work together to address many aging mechanisms simultaneously,” added Dr Verburgh.

Kris Verburgh NOVOS
Co-founder Dr Kris Verburgh says the longevity pill of the future is not going to contain one substance.

Mirabile emphasised that NOVOS is not just a nutraceutical company but a platform for people across the world who want to live a long and healthy life. NOVOS will offer newsletters, ebooks and webinars to share new insights into Longevity field. Furthermore, their customer base will be offered both free and premium Longevity tests, such as facial AI tests and epigenetic tests, that track biological age.

The NOVOS team are currently looking at the Horvath clock and are in discussion with various other companies regarding Longevity testing.  “People can take such tests every six months or every few years” says Mirabile. Data gathered by the consumer can then be entered in the NOVOS app so that health improvements can be tracked from the comfort of their own home enabling more precise, personal, and preventive medicine. Customer acceptance of the vendor offering both the product and the proof of its efficacy will be interesting to track.

“One important part of the future of health is the shift of healthcare from the physician’s office to the living room,” explains Verburgh. “People should be able to track their health from the comfort of their own home. NOVOS’ science-based longevity nutraceuticals, in combination with tests to track your aging and health is a powerful combination for living a longer, healthier life.”

NOVOS could prove to be an exciting new addition to the nutraceutical market; it boasts both consultants and a scientific advisory board drawn from some of the most renowned scientists in the Longevity field including Professor João Pedro de Magalhães (University of Liverpool), Professor Matt Kaerberlein (University of Washington), Dr Pamela Maher (Salk Institute), Dr Avi Rosenbaum (inventor, investor and Harvard Medical School graduate) and Dr Oliver Medvedick (Director of the Kanbar Center for Biomedical Engineering and Harvard Medical School graduate).

NOVOS is a Public Benefit Corporation and part of its profits will go to aging research to further advance the field. The company closed a friends-and-family round in late 2019, the proceeds of which went into R&D, nutraceutical development, initiating pilot tests and patent applications. A seed round is planned to be initiated in early 2021.

Your Longevity.Technology team will continue communicating with the team at NOVOS and looks forward to providing you with further information of the science behind NOVOS Core’s formula and the commercial strategy of the company.

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Nutraceuticals are going to be big in 2021… watch this space: we have more to share from our interview with NOVOS’ founders over the coming days.