Nuritas claims world’s first AI-discovered anti-inflammatory

Nuritas does it rice and easy with peer-reviewed publication revealing natural peptides that reduce inflammation.

Nuritas, a Dublin-based company that boasts U2’s Bono and The Edge among its investors, has published a paper detailing the discovery of natural rice-based peptides clinically proven to impact inflammation and improve physical test results in an elderly population.

Longevity.Technology: Nuritas is centre-stage when it comes to AI-based natural molecule discovery. The independently peer-reviewed scientific paper in Foods Journal outlines the discovery of rice-based peptides that could not only decrease harmful inflammaging, but prevent the development of lifestyle- and metabolic-related diseases.

Although the discovered peptides are found within a staple food source, their health benefit cannot be achieved by just eating rice. Instead, once Nuritas identified the peptide molecules from amongst the billions of rice peptides using AI, researchers were able to unlock their biological functionality and carry out lab-based testing and a human clinical trial. Inflammaging is a chronic low-grade inflammation that develops as we age. Thought to accelerate the process of biological aging and to worsen many age-related diseases, inflammaging is closely associated with age-related morbidity and mortality and increased risk of muscle wastage, strength loss and compromised immunity.

The peptide was identified using the proprietary AI technology NπΦ (Nuritas Peptide Finder). The clinical trial trial showed that the peptide inhibits TNF-α, an inflammatory cytokine. Reducing the amount of TNF-α in the blood corresponds with significant improvements in a number of standardised physical tests, which could be useful predictors of the likelihood of frailty-related accidents, for example.

“… 2020 is looking to be a seminal year in the way that consumers value and are taking responsibility for their health.”

Dr Nora Khaldi, Nuritas Founder and CEO, said: “The results of the trial couldn’t come at a more significant time. With COVID-19 heightening general awareness of inflammation and cytokines, discovering a natural product which can assist is a hugely significant finding for the team. This is as a result of years of hard work refining our AI and machine learning platform in combination with our expert in-house laboratory and team of world class scientific advisors.”

Neil Foster, head of strategic partnerships at Nuritas, added: “2020 is looking to be a seminal year in the way that consumers value and are taking responsibility for their health. Consumers are also becoming far more discerning, they want natural but also the latest science and efficacy that can be measured or better still felt.

“Against this backdrop Nuritas is launching three new products, had multiple papers published with some incredible clinical results. The interest and appetite for the Nuritas offering of fully characterised natural products that work is incredible.”

Image credit: zcf428526 / Pixabay