Nurosene signs to acquire leading AI company NetraMark

NetraMark’s quantum computing will power Nurosene to collectively design the future of healthcare.

Nurosene Health Inc, a healthtech company focused on building a generation of better brains, has announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire all issued and outstanding ‎shares of NetraMark Corp as previously indicated.

Longevity.Technology: NetraMark is a pharmatech that uses AI, novel mathematical methods and quantum computing to optimise the path to new drug development, accelerate clinical trials and redefine the landscape of how disorders are treated. Founder Dr Joseph Geraci, has spent the last five years developing proprietary algorithms that are being leveraged by various industries today. NetraMark’s technology provides clear insight into patient populations that will lead the charge in research and development efficiency.

“The acquisition of NetraMark is pivotal for the long-term growth of Nurosene and being able to fulfill our vision. NetraMark’s complex purpose-built AI and advanced computational functionality, coupled with our data insights, are critical to the disruption of the traditional healthcare model. NetraMark will advance the development of our Nuro app with innovative enhancements that will help us achieve our mission of building better brains,” said Ranj Bath, CEO of Nurosene [1].

Dr Joseph Geraci, PhD, Founder and CEO of NetraMark added, “The vision of Co-Founder Daniel Gallucci, perfectly aligns with NetraMark’s long term vision of ultimately redefining the future of healthcare. Together, I am confident that we will truly revolutionize and accelerate the path towards new and novel healthcare solutions [1].”

The global AI in healthcare market size is expected to reach $120.2 billion by 2028 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 41.8% over the forecast period. AI technology has played a pivotal role in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and positively influenced related markets [2].

“The size of the market and projected growth of AI in healthcare, leaves no question for Nurosene and the acquisition of NetraMark. The technology NetraMark has developed will position Nurosene to be a key player in this sector,” said Ranj Bath [1].

As a result of the definitive agreement with NetraMark and the near-term closing, the management team and Board of Directors of Nurosene have made the decision to pivot its strategy away from its consumer facing supplement business to focus its resources entirely on accelerating the development of the Nuro app and drug development by implementing the advanced technology offerings of NetraMark’s proprietary data analytics and intelligence.

The shift in positioning represents the Company’s decision to pursue AI and data-engineered mental health solutions based on predictive analytics to enhance the solutions provided by Nurosene’s app and overall product portfolio.

Mental health is cementing its position as one of the key areas for antiaging and healthspan research (earlier this year we saw investor Christian Angermayer announcing a $120 million fund focused on mental health ventures), and the idea that true longevity can only be achieved through improving both physical and mental wellbeing is becoming firmly embedded.

Brain health – both physical and psychological – has a correlation with lifespan, but interpreting and leveraging the data involved, especially in a patient-by-patient, brain-by-brain approach needs bespoke AI strategy and this is why Nurosene’s acquisition of NetraMark, and its decision to appoint Geraci as Chief Scientific Officer is particularly exciting.

Longevity.Technology reached out to both Ranj Bath, CEO of Nurosene and Dr Joseph Geraci, co-founder of NetraMark and newly-appointed Chief Scientific Officer for Nurosene, to ask them to reflect on the acquisition and what it means for the future.

“Machine learning is becoming a standard tool in advancing therapeutics for complex disorders as found in psychiatry, neurodegeneration, oncology, and aging in general” Geraci told Longevity.Techology. “I have been working in this space for over a decade. The main problem here, and it is potentially most pronounced in aging research, is that we need to be careful about how we apply ML, in that the patient populations are quite complex. Labelling patient groups with precision is impossible by hand and so it has been my focus on building a new kind of intelligent companion to ML at NetraMark.

“The NetraAI system utilizes novel mathematics to discover how people belong together in various pertinent ways, it labels these different subpopulations, and helps ML, like deep neural networks, improve the models it comes up with. It is like having a big brother for ML in order to deal with the fact that there is so much that we do not understand about these disorders and their various manifestations. Our technologies at NetraMark are opening up the doors for applied precision medicine.”

“At Nurosene our goal is to help people live happier, healthier and longer lives,” added Bath. “We’re taking advantage of advancements in technology and leveraging the power of data to allow early intervention and development of precision medical solutions. We’re seeing an evolution in healthtech where communities at scale are demanding proactive, preventative strategies and at Nurosene our focus is to tackle the underlying issue behind many mental health related conditions which is often correlated with poor brain health.”