On Deck Longevity Biotech Fellowship announces second cohort

Connect with a community of experts and leading minds in Longevity Biotech.

On Deck Longevity Biotech (ODLB) is a continuous community for people to come together to build, join, or invest in revolutionary longevity biotechnology start-ups.

Longevity.Technology: Building the future means gathering a lifelong community of top founders, operators and investors who want success every step of the way. Like a chameleon, one of the ODLB’s strengths is its ability to look in two directions at once – one eye fixed on the horizon of life extension and the other seeing all the steps on the journey there, each bringing benefits in terms of healthspan and longevity.

Nathan Cheng is an irrepressible force for good in the longevity space; it’s no surprise On Deck asked him to head up the Longevity Biotech Fellowship after a talk on YouTube by Laura Deming noted that despite the amount of capital flowing into longevity, not enough companies were forming in the space. The ODLB seeks to find and connect people with ideas and passion and surround them with mentors to help guide them in the process and support them on their journeys, through getting funding and hopefully onto getting therapies into the clinic. The mentors (which include David Sinclair, Reason, Marco Quarta, Kristen Fortney, Jean Hebert, Matt Kaeberlein, Daniel Ives, Sebastian Brunemeier…) believe that start-ups can push the boundaries of traditional health, and hold a keen desire to build, join and invest in start-ups to do so.

Nathan Cheng
Nathan Cheng, ODLB’s Program Director

Cheng told Longevity.Technology: “We were really blown away by the enthusiasm and support for the first cohort of ODLB. Over 460 people applied for the fellowship and we accepted 130 fellows into ODLB1.

“Over the past three months, ODLB fellows have made invaluable connections, found jobs in longevity startups, hires for open roles, investors and investments, co-founders, collaborators, and lifelong friendships. Fellows have enjoyed mastermind groups, curated connections, an incredibly helpful Slack community, ODLB meetups around the world, online socials, office hours, and deep dive sessions with industry experts.

“Now we’re excited to grow the ODLB community by opening up for new applications and bringing in another group of talented like-minded individuals alongside the ongoing first cohort. I can’t wait to see what great things come out of the ODLB community in the future!”

Who is On Deck Longevity Biotech (ODLB) for?

  • Entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs looking to connect, start and grow longevity biotech startups together and at any stage.
  • Operators looking to join a longevity biotech startup.
  • Investors looking to go deeper into the longevity biotech startup ecosystem.

What is the programming like?

  • Remote-first. Some in-person events pending post-COVID.
  • 2–3 hours of core programming every week during the year.
  • 6-week onboarding featuring curated connections, workshops and talks covering the fundamentals of biotech entrepreneurship in the context of longevity.
  • Deep dives with experts from industry and academia.
  • Networking and social events.
  • Small group sessions and mastermind groups.
  • Startup Demo Days with invited angel investors and VCs.

Be part of the successful second wave of Fellows – applications for the second cohort close on 13th February 2022. Find out more about the Longevity Biotech Fellowship and how to get involved HERE.